10 Things to do with Seashells

If you’re like most people, you’ve been to the beach this summer, whether it’s Virginia Beach or across state lines, and you or your little ones collected bags and buckets of coveted seashells to remember each moment of your trip. Now what are you supposed to do with your copious amounts of beach bounty? Here are 10 fun seashell crafts to put your shells on display at home!

Seashell Wreath

seashell wreath

Use a foam circle for building your own seashell wreath! Glue the shells all over the foam circle and hang it proudly on your wall or door to welcome guests to your own piece of paradise. (Source: Woman’s Day)

Seashell Picture Frame

seashell frame project

Frame that treasured family picture from your trip and glue your shells to the simple wooden frame around the picture to bring your vacation image to life. (Source: Chiffon Souffle)

Seashell Soap Dish

seashell soap dish

If you have a particularly large shell you decided to tote home, use it as a simple soap dish or jewelry tray! (Source: Martha Stewart)

Seashell Light Strands

seashell lights

Make holes in the base of some of your shells and string them up with mini lights for a romantic coastal evening. (Source: Martha Stewart)

Seashell Flowerpots

Seashell flower pots diy

Bring some beach to your outdoor space and adorn your flowerpots with a band of shells at the rim, or even cover the entire pot for a bolder ocean view. (Source: Oppulent Cottage)

Seashell Place Card Holders

seashell place card holders

Take your next formal event back to your vacation destination with the addition of shell place card holders. Just carefully cut a slit into the top of a rounded shell and prop the cards up inside! (Source: Martha Stewart)

Seashell Journal or Album Cover

seashell journal

Decorate a photo album or journal in any way you see fit to make a decorative coffee table staple. (Source: Real Simple)

Seashell Mirror

seashell mirror diy

If you want to see yourself back on the beach, just cheat a little bit and cover the entire frame of your mirror with seashells! (Source: HGTV)

Shell Candle Holders

Seashell Candle Holders

Display any of your beach treasures in glass bowls with sand or just the shells themselves and arrange them through out your home. Place tea lights in these glass bowls for a true costal glow. (Source: Completely-Coastal.com)

Seashell Ornaments

seashell ornaments

When the snow starts falling this December, decorate your Christmas tree with homemade shell ornaments to bring a little bit of sunshine and warmth to your chilly winter. (Source: Martha Stewart)

Sophie Karatsikis

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