Bricks Over Clicks at New LEGO Store

LEGO Store opening in Virginia Beach

New Virginia Beach LEGO Store draws throngs of devoted fans to colorful, interactive retail space

By Leona Baker

“This was the most exciting LEGO event for us since we interviewed to be on LEGO Masters,” says Nicole Whitaker, who, along with her husband Brian was among hundreds of devoted LEGO fans who stood in a line that wrapped around the block for hours to be among the first to experience the new LEGO Store in Virginia Beach Town Center, which opened on Nov. 3, 2023.  

“The only downside,” Nicole says, “was our son, Brick, had to miss the grand opening to be in school.” Yes, the name “Brick” was inspired by Nicole and Brian’s mutual passion for the iconic toy known for its endless creative possibilities for imaginative builders of all ages. If you can dream it, you can probably build it out of LEGO bricks.

Nicole and Brian, who are part of a local adult LEGO club called Hard Lug (short for Hampton Roads LEGO User Group) got into the spirit of the occasion of the store opening by dressing as matching yellow LEGO bricks. Their enthusiasm is one shared by throngs of AFOL (Adult Fans of LEGO) the world over, just as much as the kids for whom receiving their first LEGO set is a childhood rite of passage.

Lego fans Nicole and Brian Whitaker show their excitement on the opening day of the new storefront.
LEGO fans Nicole and Brian Whitaker show their excitement while waiting for the opening of the new store in Virginia Beach.

“I like the ability to make whatever I like,” explains Brian, “limited only by my imagination and the parts that exist. This allows me to think deeply about techniques that require me to solve difficult problems.”

The Virginia Beach store is the first dedicated LEGO store in the region and one of 116 LEGO Stores in North America, including flagship locations in Chicago, Illinois and New York City. Previously, the closest LEGO Store to Coastal Virginia was the one located in Northern Virginia.

While housed in a relatively small footprint, the Virginia Beach LEGO store is, like you might expect, fun and brightly lit but also designed to be an interactive experience as much as it is a retail space, the apparent overwhelming demand for which defies online-only shopping trends. The tactile nature of these iconic, colorful bricks and the opportunity to interact with other people who love them, it seems, still has some sway over virtual clicks. 

The store offers a wide selection of the latest LEGO sets, in-store play experiences, activities and events. There are “Brick Specialists” who can help you find the perfect set; a “Pick & Build” wall where you can choose bricks and elements in all shapes and colors; hands-on building opportunities including free build challenges and monthly events; and “Build a Mini” tower where you can mix and match from a wide selection of minifigure bottoms, tops, heads, hair pieces and more.

“It’s been an incredible opportunity to expand our footprint in Virginia and offer more fans, both returning and new, a chance to step into our stores and be immersed in our brand,” says Molly Martin, Public Relations Manager for the LEGO Group, Americas. “We want as many people to come join in on playing and building with us and we hope to continue to see more people stop by and pick out a set to take home.”

Photos by Leona Baker or courtesy of LEGO.

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