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by | Mar 10, 2022

Turo-Turo Restaurants

Meaning “point-point,” turo-turo refers to a cafeteria-style service in which you pick a combo of entrees from the freshly made dishes displayed on the steam table.

Boracay Philippine Cuisine

3574 N Military Hwy., Norfolk

A hole-in-the-wall joint with a modest selection, a few tables and Filipino dramas on the TV.


1943 Lynnhaven Pkwy., Virginia Beach

Both a restaurant and event space, it feels like you walked into a Filipino family reunion with round banquet tables and a conspicuous karaoke setup. Old school vibes; very legit food.

Glenda’s Bulalohan

3809 Princess Anne Rd., Virginia Beach

A little strip mall spot with an a la carte menu and small steam table. Specializes in bulalo (beef shank and bone marrow soup) and sizzling sisig (a minced pork and chicken liver dish).

Ihaw Ihaw

1949 Lynnhaven Pkwy., Virginia Beach

Bright, contemporary cafe with lots of table seating and a wall display of whimsical Filipino tchotchkes. Specialties include crispy pata (pork leg) and fried fish.

Kainan Oriental Cuisine

5660 Indian River Rd., Virginia Beach

Spacious restaurant with lots of entrees and a small tindahan (store) connected. Filipino folk art and solid gold oldies music give it a traditional feel.

Maymar Cuisine

4221 Pleasant Valley Rd., Virginia Beach

A neighborhood spot with a decent sized selection and about a dozen tables.

Maymar Filipino Restaurant

805 N Battlefield Blvd. #107, Chesapeake

Very small cafe with just a few tables and tons of personality—chalkboard walls filled with writing; a long, wooden banquette and black bistro chairs, and hip music on the speakers.


5030 E Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk

Although it’s a small, mainly takeaway place, this location has been going strong for nearly 25 years and is consistently busy.

Maymar Poke and Grill

130 Maple Ave., Norfolk

A takeout restaurant that takes advantage of its beachside location in Ocean View by serving fresh poke bowls as well as Filipino food.

Salo Salo

1108 Green Run Sq., Virginia Beach

Another hole-in-the-wall spot with a few tables, limited selection and Filipino telenovelas playing. This one has a small tindahan on one side.

Susan’s Kitchenette

1270 Diamond Springs Rd. #109, Virginia Beach

A large selection of entrees cooked with traditional flavors and recipes has made this place a consistent favorite for almost 20 years. Don’t be surprised to hear folks singing karaoke while you’re sitting down to lunch—it’s part of the charm.


6550 Hampton Roads Pkwy. #107, Suffolk

Colorful little spot with a modest turo-turo selection and additional a la carte items.

Winnie’s Filipino Kitchen

1400 Kempsville Rd. #119, Chesapeake

A tiny, strip-mall restaurant with classic entrees, a few tables and a small case of groceries.

Cooked-to-Order Restaurants

Buko Resto Bar
1917 S Independence Blvd. #106, Virginia Beach

With late night hours, live music, pool tables and TVs tuned to sports games, this bar serves a full menu of Filipino snacks, entrees, drinks and desserts.


4541 S Plaza Tr., Virginia Beach

An international fast-food chain restaurant serving fried chicken and burgers alongside Filipino spaghetti, which features sweet tomato sauce laden with chunks of ham, ground beef and sliced hot dogs.

Lumpia & Company

228 N Lynnhaven Rd. #125, Virginia Beach

New takes on lumpia (like pizza, bacon gouda burger and fried oreo)

Only at Renee’s

2181 Upton Dr. #410, Virginia Beach

An elevated dining experience with an extensive menu of made-from-scratch dishes, beautifully presented plates and drinks, and artfully curated Filipino decor. Pricier than the others listed, but worth every penny.

Ray Ray’s at the Mayflower

209 34th St., Virginia Beach

A charming breakfast restaurant attached to the Mayflower Apartments building, featuring a mix of American and Filipino comfort classics.

Specialty/Grocery/Food Trucks

Angie’s Bakery
3501 Holland Rd. #102, Virginia Beach

Specializes in Filipino breads, pandesal and pastries

Glory’s Bakery

665 Aragona Blvd., Virginia Beach

1920 Centerville Turnpike, Virginia Beach

Serves lumpia and subs, but best known for its pepperoni pizza bread

House of Lechon
5266 Princess Anne Rd., Virginia Beach

Provides pre-ordered, pickup-only, whole lechon (roast pig)

Laguna Bakery & Filipino Food

 5394 Kemps River Dr. #105, Virginia Beach

Busy, takeaway lunch stand and bakery

Lorma’s Kitchenette
Food truck, based in Newport News

Serves a handful of Filipino classics, plus hot dogs and nachos

Lumpia House
2325 E Little Creek Rd., Norfolk

Takeout only place for lumpia and pancit

Manila Bread House
2372 E Little Creek Rd., Norfolk

Small grocery store that also turns out specialty cakes and pre-ordered lechon

Nick’s Oriental Grocery & Bakery

1949 Lynnhaven Pkwy., Virginia Beach

Full tindahan with fresh and cooked seafood, baked goods and pre-ordered lechon

Red Ribbon
5386 Kemps River Dr. #108, Virginia Beach

Philippines-based bakery chain selling cakes, pastries and pancit palabok (rice noodle dish with pork and a rich sauce)

12830 Jefferson Ave., Newport News

Full, traditional Filipino grocery store

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