Hip Innovative Studio Boutique Offers a Creative Space for Local Artists

by Chelsea Sherman | May 7, 2018

Anna Hubbard is no stranger to entrepreneurship. She and her husband have owned several businesses, including a sales distribution company they currently operate. But Hip Innovative Studio Boutique is a fresh, new endeavor for Hubbard, as it pulls together her passion for art with her love of community and skills as a businesswoman.

Hubbard is a self-taught jewelry maker who has been making her own jewelry for 20 years. She began by selling her jewelry in boutiques then eventually realized she wanted her own store—not only to sell her own jewelry but also to showcase the work of other artisans and provide a space for encouraging creativity in the community.

Hip opened its doors last June, and in December Hubbard moved the shop into its current space in Port Warwick’s Styron Square. The space is made up of several different elements, and they all flow together seamlessly into a peaceful aesthetic that any creative would appreciate. In the boutique, Hubbard showcases her jewelry, along with products from dozens of other artisans, some local and some from around the world. From all-natural candles poured by hand in Richmond, to hand-woven bags skillfully crafted in Guatemala, Hubbard has collated a diverse and beautiful collection of boutique items. Some support local businesses, and others give back to social causes or support entrepreneurs in developing areas of the world.

The shop is also home to a Jolly Roasters coffee bar. A local, family-owned business, the coffee company is a welcome addition to the cozy space. Students, freelancers and remote workers frequent the shop throughout the week to sip coffee and enjoy the creative atmosphere.

“I love that people come here to create and collaborate. There’s a lot of energy in here all the time,” Hubbard says.

Hip Innovative Studio Boutique

Perhaps what sets Hip apart the most are the workshops offered by Hubbard and her instructors. Whether you are looking to learn the process of jewelry making, floral design, macrame or hand lettering, Hip offers myriad options for artisan workshops. The workshops are true, do-it-yourself classes, offering artists the opportunity to learn the craft from beginning to end.

“Whether it is a metal workshop or floral design class, we are intentional about teaching people the whole process. You might take something home, or you might go home with the knowledge of how to do it on your own,” Hubbard says.

Aside from the artisan workshops, Hubbard has also opened her studio up for a variety of community events, including a vintage pop-up and a Get Hip Brunch featuring local food pop-up companies. She is also collaborating with AR Workshop (a North Carolina-based DIY wood sign workshop) to help facilitate a summer teen block party focused on exposure to the arts.

Hubbard recently had a meeting with fellow business owners in the Port Warwick scene to discuss collaboration opportunities. “I was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming response to embracing the community and the outpouring of support for bringing people together in Port Warwick. I think good things are on the horizon,” she says.

Visit Hip Innovative Studio Boutique at 2170 William Styron Square S. in Newport News. The shop is open Tuesday–Friday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.–4 p.m. You can also sign up for artisan workshops online at Hip757.com.

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