Kahiau’s Bakery & Café Wins Top 10 Golden Burger Award

by | May 20, 2019

PETA recently scoured the nation for the tastiest, from-scratch vegan burgers worthy of the organization’s Golden Burger title. The search led burger buffs to Kahiau’s Bakery & Café in Virginia Beach for delectable bites of its Whiskey BBQ Mushroom Burger.

The top 10 burger is comprised of a portobello- and oyster mushroom-based patty marinated in a housemade whiskey barbecue glaze. Embellishing the grilled protein is a slathering of vegan ranch and a molten layer of velvety, vegan Gouda cheese. Grilled pineapple and caramelized onions are also wedged between the burger’s homemade herb focaccia bun.

“With its exciting mix of pineapple, portobello and more, this tropical extravaganza is perfect for summer. All the satisfying burgers on PETA’s national Top 10 list are proving that compassion can be delicious business,” says Ingrid Newkirk, PETA president.

The Golden Burger competition strives to raise awareness about PETA’s anti-speciesism stance and the potential health risks of a meat-centered diet. Kahiau’s Whiskey BBQ Mushroom Burger will be served in-house all summer long.

Kahiau’s Bakery & Café is located at 3712 S. Plaza Trail, Virginia Beach

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