Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Shop Opens in Virginia Beach

Coastal Virginia’s newest ice cream joint, Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream, is set to open in Virginia Beach on Saturday, Sept. 30. The national franchise specializes in handcrafting one-of-a-kind ice cream mixtures using science and -321-degree liquid nitrogen. To celebrate opening day, owners and Virginia Beach residents Jeff and Maria Jaglowicz will offer a special buy one, get one half-off promotion all-day Saturday.

Jeff and Maria Jaglowicz were inspired to open a Sub Zero location in Virginia Beach after visiting one of the franchise’s locations in Houston.

“The Sub Zero experience is like none other,” says Maria. “We’re thrilled to bring this exciting concept to Virginia Beach and share Sub Zero’s premium ice cream and unique creation process with the community.”

The process of making liquid nitrogen ice cream begins with customers choosing one of seven cream bases for their frozen treat—Sub Zero’s original cream base, premium custard, low-fat custard, low-fat yogurt or lactose-free, vegan and sugar-free selections. Customers then pick from 30 different flavors including the traditional vanilla and chocolate as well as bold new tastes like Tiger’s Blood, Amaretto, Piña Colada, Nutella and Sub Zero’s surprise Sensation of the Month. A variety of fruit, nuts, candy and baked goods are available as mix-ins to further customize guests’ creamy creations. The combination of flavored cream and sugary additions is then hand-mixed with liquid nitrogen and rapidly frozen into a rich and ultra-smooth concoction.

The science behind this mastery of liquid nitrogen ice cream proves that hand mixing ice cream at extremely low temperatures limits the amount of air present in the final product, allowing for a denser and creamier texture. Sub Zero also uses liquid nitrogen to create a variety of pies and shakes that are available in-store.

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream is located at 1255 Fordham Drive, Suite 111, and is open Monday through Friday, noon–9 p.m. and Sundays from noon–8 p.m. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

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Grace Silipigni is an elementary school Spanish immersion teacher based in Virginia Beach and a regular contributor to Coastal Virginia Magazine, covering a wide range of topics such as health and wellness, education and learning, food and drink, happenings and events, travel and getaways and more.

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