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We all have days when our natural energy just isn’t enough. Sometimes we need a boost to take our sweat session to the next level—or just muster the motivation to get started. Thankfully, local brands are coming up with energy drink options using natural ingredients and more than caffeine alone—think CBD, collagen, hydrogen-infused water and more.

Whether you prefer to get your spark from a can, a smoothie or delivered straight to your door, here’s a round-up of a few of Coastal Virginia’s top choices for superpower oomph.

Xtract Energy

Drink Dynamics: “We love to drink energy drinks, but we are also health conscious about what we put into our bodies,” says Xtract Energy co-founder Mitch Thorton about why he helped create the Virginia Beach-based brand. “We couldn’t find an energy drink that we felt great about drinking.”

Energetic Ingredients: Xtract Energy is sugar-free, has zero calories and features 20mg of pure hemp extract along with all-natural ingredients and flavors. It is keto friendly, vegan friendly, contains 0% THC and is rich in vitamin B.

Superpowers: 120mg of caffeine, which is plenty to get your workout kickstarted. Monk fruit and stevia are used as healthy sugar alternatives to produce a cleaner drink.

Finding the Fuel: Order online at XtractBrands.com 

Crunchy Hydration

Energy Drink Crunchy Hydration

Drink Dynamics: Virginia Beach native Megan Riggs founded Crunchy to offer an eco-friendly, all-natural and sustainable line of beverages that hydrate on a deep cellular level. She recommends both Elevate and Energize to consumers looking for an energy boost before they workout. Both varieties contain 50mg of caffeine from green tea and are paired with adaptogens (herbs known to counteract stress) that help with sustained energy.

Energetic Ingredients: One can of lime Elevate includes 15 mg of full spectrum CBD for mental and physical relief, tulsi for mind and body integration, green tea for sustained energy and antioxidants, l-theanine for stress and cognitive function, and a pinch of Himalayan salt for added hydration. Sparkling Mango-flavored Energize is packed with schisandra for mental and physical stimulation, green tea, l-theanine and Himalayan salt. Neither drink contains sugar or calories.

Superpowers: The Elevate is a fan favorite due to the combination of local, full spectrum CBD. Riggs also points out that the combination of l-theanine ensures no jitters from the caffeine.

Finding the Fuel: Cans can be found at various restaurants, gyms, spas and more across the region. Visit CrunchyHydration.com for a full list.

Vibes Nutrition & Energy

Energy Drink Vibes

Drink Dynamics: Theo and Leslie Baker say they noticed a need in Virginia Beach for a positive space for people to visit and feed their bodies with good nutrition. They opened in January with a menu of shakes, teas, metabolism-boosters and more. Theo says their Mega Bombs are the best pre-workout pick.

Energetic Ingredients: Mega Bombs are made with a green and black tea mix, b-vitamin boost, aloe vera, and options to include various boosters (electrolytes, protein, circulation boost, fiber or collagen). They also offer a specific pre-workout drink that contains 100mg of caffeine, 2.1g of creatine and a nitric oxide precursor to promote blood flow.

Superpowers: While not as convenient as popping open a can, the attraction here is made-to-order ability. Everything is customizable, and the drink’s look alone is enough to get you giddy.

Finding the Fuel: Visit their location at 1650 General Booth Blvd. Suite 106, Virginia Beach. VibesVAB.com 

Juicebar Delivery

Energy Drink Juicebar Delivery

Drink Dynamics: JuiceBar’s Hydrogen-Infused Alkaline Water encourages customers to “experience the water everybody’s talking about.” Enthusiasts claim this pure H2O laced with extra hydrogen molecules has elevated health benefits from allowing the body to absorb the hydrogen (when it’s not bound to oxygen). 

Energetic Ingredients: Just water plus extra hydrogen. It’s as simple as that.

Superpowers: Pumped-up alkaline water is known to promote energy, performance and cognitive function. Bonus: When you need to hydrate, JuiceBar will drop it off at your doorstep anywhere in the Coastal Virginia area within 24 hours.

Finding the Fuel: Visit their location at the Webb University Center at ODU, Norfolk, or JuiceBarJuices.com to schedule a delivery.

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