Maximum Mini Bridal Gowns

Long story short, these cropped skirt looks are lighting up bridal fashion collections

by | Mar 20, 2022

Designer: Cucculelli Shaheen. Style: Incantare Mini Dress

Compiled by Leona Baker. All photos courtesy of designers

That classic gown with the full skirt or trailing train. Sure, we love it. But who says good things don’t come in shorter packages? A mini dress might be just the right fit for your modern-minimalist or easy-breezy affair. A mini can also make a perfect “second look” for a reception.

Designer: Cucculelli Shaheen (gown above)
Style: Incantare Mini Dress

Elizabeth Fillmore 

Designer: Elizabeth Fillmore
Style: Bardot French Lace Mini

Justin Alexander

Designer: Justin Alexander
Style: Nita from Adore, Ruched Stretch Mikado Mini Dress

Nadia Manjarrez

Designer: Nadia Manjarrez
Style: Maria Italian A-Line Crepe

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