New Openings and Revamped Menus from Coastal Virginia Restaurants

by | Jun 8, 2021

Eurasia Hits Refresh

Eurasia Café’s just-revealed makeover brightens things up by carving out side windows for natural lighting and moving the bar up front where you can slake your pandemic-weary thirst for travel with a Wanderlust starring butterfly pea-infused Gunpowder Gin, found on the new drinks list that dovetails with the new look. An updated menu retains faves but be sure to noodle through an additional section devoted to fresh pasta, one of chef Brian Wegener’s predilections.

—Marisa Marsey

Tin Cup Opens Up

Tin Cup

The Tin Cup at recently unwrapped Delta Hotels Virginia Beach Bayfront Suites (formerly Virginia Beach Resort Hotel & Conference Center) features an oyster sommelier, so it takes neither a Clouseau nor Cousteau to deduce that it revels in seafood. Crab cakes and sugar toads (aka puffer fish, an Eastern Shore delicacy) shine among the coastal cuisine of executive chef Kevin Dubel (recently of The Cavalier).

Make friends with that oyster sommelier who can guide you through each of Virginia’s eight oyster regions bivalve-by-bivalve or dive all the way in with the chilled Virginia Oyster Trail Tower. Tin cups, historically issued in military mess kits, give the restaurant its name, a salute to our region’s armed forces. It also signals that libations matter, and a walk-up patio bar with sigh-inducing Chesapeake Bay views, naval vessels often dotting the horizon, reinforce the moniker’s significance.


Colonial Williamsburg’s King’s Arms Tavern Revitalizes Menu

King's Arms Tavern

Photo courtesy of King’s Arms Tavern, Colonial Williamsburg Resorts

While Jane Vobe’s King’s Arms Tavern, originally built in 1772 and known as Williamsburg’s “most genteel establishments,” completes its renovations, its menu recently received a 21st-century update. Head chef, Keith Nickerson, hosted a private tasting of the revamped menu that’s been thoughtfully curated for the past two years to showcase historical ingredients and flavors for modern-day palates. King’s Arms’ new menu takes diners on a journey through time with dishes like Crawfish & Shrimp Stew, Heirloom Carrot Puffs, Hunters Game Pye and Madeira Braised Lamb Shank to offer more authentic interpretations of colonial fare than before.

—Arielle Patterson

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