Pet Issue Profiles: Jon Wehner

by | Jan 11, 2021


Photo by Sara Harris Photography

Jon Wehner

Winemaker, Owner of Chatham Vineyards

Pet: Tucker, 3, Yellow Lab

If the idea of living on a vineyard seems romantic to us humans, it must be paradise for a dog. Sure, it’s also a lot of work for second-generation winegrower Jon Wehner, who owns and operates Chatham Vineyards on the Eastern Shore along with his wife and three children. Thankfully, he has 3-year-old Lab Tucker to keep him company during those early mornings and long evenings of labor on this picturesque farmland once owned by the Earl of Chatham and overlooking Church Creek. Like his owner, Tucker loves the great outdoors, duck hunting and going on wine deliveries in the van. Jon, meanwhile, appreciates the companionship as he does a “lifestyle career” that allows him freedom of creativity.

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