Pet Issue Profiles: Laura Seay

by | Jan 11, 2021


Photo by Janice Marshall-Pittman

Laura Seay

Violist with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra

Pets: Blue, 11, Dark Weimaraner and Dax, 3, German Shorthaired Pointer

As a professional musician, Laura Seay has had the privilege of traveling the world to perform. But her two dogs, husband, son and a baby on the way keep her grounded. Animals, she says, are “the ultimate examples of unconditional love.” She describes 11-year-old Blue as “not the sharpest tack in the box,” but certainly the sweetest and most loyal. “Wicked-smart” Dax was an adorable engagement decoy when Laura’s soon-to-be husband brought Dax home as a puppy to distract her from his even bigger reveal: a marriage proposal. Dax has run three marathons alongside her mom, and Blue likes to be outside, sniff new smells and swim in the ocean.

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