Pet Issue Profiles: Lian Mosher

by | Jan 11, 2021


Lian Mosher

Yoga Teacher, Manager with Full Circle Yoga + Pilates

Pets: Boba T. Fett, 6, Domestic Short Hair; Mango Sticky Rice, 3, Tabby and Kimbap, 6, Munchkin

A self-described entrepreneurial spirit, Lian Mosher wears many professional hats—from certified yoga teacher and therapist to freelance marketing consultant to “subtle-body healer” using “a fusion of modalities” drawing on her traditional Korean and Celtic backgrounds. “Helping people realize and manifest their truest selves and find connections with the community is my biggest passion,” Lian says. But it’s animals, she believes, that “teach us the deepest truths about our own human experience.” She knew each of her beloved felines was “the one” when she found them. Mango and Boba were rescues from The Cat Corner in Hampton, and Kimbap, “the Joe Pesci of the house,” was discovered online. All are “big cuddle bugs” and “foodies.”

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