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Five ideas for greener, environmentally friendly gifts or party favors for your weddings guests

by | Jan 1, 2023

honey jar wedding favor

Party favors are the number one most wasted item at an event, says Jenna Rose, a local wedding planner who specializes in eco-friendly weddings. But, good news, Rose has some great ideas for cutting the clutter while showing a little gratitude for Mother Earth.

“Whether you want your party favors to be the most coveted or you just want a more eco-friendly event all around,” says Rose, “you’ll want a strategy for your gifts. Here are a few tips to have some less wasteful gifts for your guests.”

  1. Go for consumables. Local honey, coffee or late-night snacks are used immediately or within a certain timeframe and don’t add to clutter; just be cautious of allergies and dietary restrictions when making your selections.
  2. Opt for reusable. Personalized totes or water bottles mean your guests can use your gift over and over again. A crowd favorite, no matter how many they already have, are koozies!
  3. Offer experiences. These are a blast and take up no space at all. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on experiences either. You can partner with a local coffee shop for vouchers or gift cards, or you could purchase a subscription or membership.
  4. Shop sustainable. Sustainable, ethically sourced, or thrifted gifts are kind to the environment as they are to your guests. Handmade beeswax wrap makes a great gift or wrapper and is easy to theme based on event your event.
  5. Gift a donation. Making a donation to your favorite charity or a carbon-offsetting organization on behalf of your guests is an easy eco-friendly gift. Be sure to leave a note about the donation indicating that it will be in lieu of favors.

—Leona Baker and Jenna Rose

Photos Courtesy of Compass Rose Coordination; Courtesy of Totally Wedding Koozies,

wedding koozies

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