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Brighten up your holiday get-togethers with these next-level charcuterie ideas
Jacqui’s Holiday Charcuterie Tips

What says celebration more than a colorful, delicious charcuterie board to share with family, friends and a good bottle of wine? At a recent Coastal Virginia Magazine photo shoot, we took ours up a notch with these beautifully designed holiday charcuterie spreads created by local cooking instructor Jacqui Renager and featuring primarily products sold at local TASTE stores or through TASTE Catering & Events.

We used simple metal wreath frames (available at craft stores or online) in festive shapes as guides, which also help keep items clustered together in the desired form. Check out Renagar’s great tips for creating your own holiday charcuterie on page 93. And, of course, we are proud to feature Virginia-made, locally sourced and select specialty meats, cheeses, baked goods and more available through the Coastal Virginia-based TASTE Family of Businesses.

charcuterie wreath

Let’s Find Your Faves…

Charcuterie Design by Jacqui Renager

All items with prices listed here available at TASTE. Clockwise from top: Short Creek Farm Garlic & Pepper Dry Salami $11.99, blueberries, Point Reyes Original Blue cheese $12.99, artichoke hearts, Veroni salami, TASTE Bakehouse Sweet Potato Biscuits $10.99, TASTE Sassy Southern Pimento Cheese, TASTE Bakehouse Cheddar Biscuits $10.99, Virginia Bee Company Queen Ann Honey $11.99, Veroni salami, assorted olives, TASTE Cheddar Cheese Straws $7.49, Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar $10.49, Edwards Surryana Dry Cured Ham $16.49, TASTE Bakehouse Crostini $5.99, Jacqui’s homemade habanero pepper jelly, Monterey jack and colby cheese cubes, dried figs, Veronia salami, La Quercia Prosciutto Americano $16.29, TASTE Sassy Southern Pimento Cheese $6.99-$11.99, homemade pickled onions, Cowgirl Creamery Mt Tam cheese $28.99, Veroni salami, dried apricots. Scattered throughout: Nutcrack Classic Candied Pecans $9.99, raw almonds, blueberries, fresh rosemary. Also, pictured on the facing page with star- and candy cane-shaped charcuterie: TASTE Sweet Shop Snowflake Pretzels $4.49.


Charcuterie Tips



Jacqui’s Holiday Charcuterie Tips

• Use craft supply wreath frames to shape
• Combine meats, cheeses, fruits and nuts
• Pick three-four meats and two-three cheeses
• Shape thinly sliced meats into clusters

• Select two fresh fruits that won’t brown
• Alternate lights, darks and similar colors
• Use nuts as a neutral section separator
• Incorporate vertical height in your presentation

• Offer an assortment of crackers and breads
• Include something sweet like honey or jam
• Have acidic or vinegar-based items like pickles
• Don’t forget something spicy like pepper jelly
• Use clear plastic shot glasses for jams and dips

Fun in the Kitchen with Jacqui
Learn more about Jacqui Renager of Fun in the Kitchen with Jacqui at CookingwithJacqui.com.

TASTE Family of Businesses

Learn more about the TASTE Family of Businesses at TASTEVA.com

Jacqui’s Holiday Charcuterie Tips

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