The 2022 Top Real Estate Awards

Nominate a realtor who deserves recognition

by | Jun 6, 2022

Are you a recent homebuyer and love your realtor or agent? Nominate them today in the CoVa Top Real Estate Awards!

At Coastal Virginia Magazine, we like to identify the best service providers in Coastal Virginia for the benefit of our readers. We are currently conducting a research campaign to identify truly excellent real estate professionals in the Coastal Virginia area. Your feedback is essential! We are asking homebuyers/sellers to give us the inside scoop and tell us which real estate professionals deserve to be recognized. We are using the services of a third-party research company, DataJoe, to collect and process your recommendations.

Was your realtor effective? Did they exceed your expectations? Would you recommend them to a loved one? Was your realtor responsive and knowledgeable?
Don’t keep it to yourself. Let us know, so we can recognize and honor the best of the best in Coastal Virginia. Don’t delay, take just a few seconds to nominate at by following this link or clicking the button below.

Nominations end June 22, 2022!

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