The Burger Bar at Wegmans in Virginia Beach

by | Mar 26, 2019

The New York Times recently suggested a life hack of merging chores with meetups. Try it at Burger Bar, a casual eatery inside Wegmans, opening April 28 near Virginia Beach’s Town Center. Enjoy wine, beer, burgers, salads and Tuscan fries with your bestie, then cruise aisles for pristine produce, international cheeses, baked goods and more.

(Wegmans worshipers eagerly eyeing the erection of the supermarket’s steeple-esque clock tower contend it’s better than a Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods mashup; founded in Rochester, N.Y., over a century ago, it’s older than the two combined.) Plus, its Market Café will offer entrees, sushi, bowls, pizza and subs to eat there or take home.

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