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by | May 26, 2022

In a market focused on the next transaction and as little relationship as possible, Broker/Owner Karen “Tyler,” has set the normal script on fire. She leads Prodigy Realty, where from the ashes of this societal script she has fanned a fiery passion for ensuring clients are not pushed through a cookie-cutter process but given an individualized, personal experience that returns at every moment of need. This idea of rebirth and service is iconized in their trademark Phoenix logo that flashes anywhere their passionate relationships flame.

The use of the word “relationship” is not accidental or a marketing ploy at Prodigy. While it is a fast growing brokerage in Coastal Virginia, it is also a business that puts relationships first. Whether clients or agents, Prodigy is the brokerage to contact for a lifelong family in the real estate market. Their agents have an intimate understanding of everything from first-time and repeat home buying to advanced investment strategies. An example that is especially dear to Coastal Virginia’s heart is that over 75% of Prodigy’s agents are affiliated to the military and bring experience in supporting our veterans as they navigate a tour or a life-long decision.

The agents that join Prodigy’s honored ranks are given a network of connections and mentors to guide them and their clients through every circumstance. FromTyler herself, the seasoned agents and the rookies, the Prodigy family provides all their agents the tools to enjoy a long, successful career and ensure they can support their relation- ships for a lifetime. So, if you want a real estate family, look no further.

2697 International Pkwy. Bldg. 1, Ste. 200
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

Pictured in Feature Photo:
Back Row From Left to Right – Nichole H., Gray H., Rachel L., Chelsea S., Sadie A., Jeffery D., Brittney K., Tesa T., Ronnie C., Melissa Z., Ben S., Shak A., Justin R.
Middle Row From Left to Right – Robbie C., Jaima B., Mina S., Carrie C., Daniel P., Steven T., Mellissa H., Matthew H., Erica S., Joshua B., Nadine P.
Front Row From Left to Right – Christina F., K “Tyler”., Jillian H., Joy F., Paul B., Cara W., Kayla P.

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