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by | Jun 8, 2022

During the last twenty years, Attorney Morring has dedicated her law practice to representing injured workers. Attorney Morring is an advocate for educating the worker’s compensation stakeholders, which include the workers, the legal and the medical community about this complex field of law. Post Covid-19, as many workers returned to work, the risk to the injured also grew. In order to help the workers to effectively navigate the multifarious nature of workers’ compensation, we added Attorney Overbeck to our team in late summer 2021. We continue to utilize a common-sense approach coupled with Attorney Morring’s 20 plus years of legal experience, which ensures that each client experiences intrinsic fairness in pursuing their claim. Whether it is a longshoreman injured at the port, shipyard worker, or a worker injured within the State of Virginia, we will continue to fight to ensure the injured worker community obtains quality legal representation.


Norfolk Office
125 St. Paul’s Blvd., Suite 301
Newport News Office
2600 Washington Ave., Suite 1008

PICTURED: Atty. Charlene Morring (left) Atty. Merrin Overbeck (right)

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