Tips For Planning or Enhancing Your Pool House or Cabana

by | May 17, 2017

You may already have a pool and are considering adding to your outdoor oasis. Or perhaps you are in the planning stages and beginning to create your dream exterior space. In either case, experts recommend considering a pool house or cabana. They are worth the investment when it comes to enhancing your family's outdoor enjoyment and provide the perfect complement to your favorite place for backyard swimming and entertaining. Here are some tips to consider:

Design: Make sure to check city and county building codes before you begin to make sure the size, design and location of your pool house meets requirements. For a cohesive and classy look, consider a design similar in style to your main house. You'll definitely want to have a breezy, open-air element to your building, but make sure to plan on an overhang or indoor space for ample shade or shelter from bad weather. You can choose to do a custom build from the ground up, or purchasing a prefabricated or modular pool house or cabana can be a more budget-friendly option.

Flooring: When thinking of floors, the most important consideration is picking a material that is water-resistant and not overly slippery. Of course, water and wood don't mix well, so pick vinyl for a more cost effective solution or tile (ceramic, stone, granite or limestone are all nice choices) or stamped concrete if you have more to spend.

Privacy: The best pool houses provide a space for changing out of wet bathing suits and/or a private bathroom. Especially if you have children or do a lot of entertaining, consider that one of the reasons a pool house or cabana is so attractive is that wet feet and soaked bathing suits stay outdoors.

Storage: Make sure to include ample space for pool floats and toys, pool-friendly plates and glasses, towels, all of your pool equipment etc.


Entertaining: If you like to host get-togethers, make sure to have plenty of open space, water-resistant outdoor seating and tables and a bar if possible. If you would like to serve food and drinks, incorporate a sink and mini-fridge and ample counter space for food display and prep.

Electronics: It's just not a pool party without music. Look into outdoor sound systems, lighting, Wi-Fi and even a television set if you plan to be poolside with friends during major sporting events or play an outdoor movie for the kids. 

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