Top Spots for Epic After-Parties

Local Options for Continuing Your Wedding Celebration

by Chelsea Sherman | Oct 19, 2018

Your sparkler sendoff might have signified the end of the formal wedding festivities, but that doesn’t mean the party has to end. Many couples are now choosing to continue the celebration with an after-party. Because you are generally pretty busy throughout your wedding ceremony and reception, it can sometimes feel like you did not get a chance to interact with your guests as much as you would have liked. Hosting an after-party gives you a chance to take a break from the formalities of the day and simply enjoy the company of your close family and friends. And while it is polite to extend an invitation to all your guests, many guests will opt to call it a night after the reception ends. Thus, the after-party usually consists of a smaller group of closer friends and family members who have stuck around through the end of the reception and are ready to keep the festivities going.

Here are a few ideas for where to host your Coastal Virginia wedding after-party:


Back Bay Brewing Co.

Rendezvous at a local brewery.

In recent years, tons of breweries have popped up on the scene in Coastal Virginia. These spots are a great option, particularly for weddings that end earlier in the day, as they are not usually open late into the night. Some breweries offer private event rentals, which might be a good option if you want to have a planned after-party with guaranteed space. In any case, you should always communicate with the establishment ahead of time and let them know about your anticipated turnout. Check out O’Connor Brewing Co. in Norfolk, Back Bay Brewing Co. in Virginia Beach and Wharf Hill Brewing Co. in Smithfield.


Saltine, The Main

Mix it up at The Main.

Norfolk’s new upscale hotel is a perfect after-party destination. With a rooftop beer garden, a sophisticated wine studio and a seafood restaurant, The Main offers more than just your average hotel bar. The Main also has several private dining options if you prefer to pre-plan your after party.



Play on into the night at Topgolf.

What better way to celebrate your new marriage than with late night snacks, your favorite people, and a casual—or competitive!—round of golf? If you plan to have a larger group, be sure to book your bay pretty well in advance. You can also rent out the lounge or rooftop terrace if you expect a bigger turnout.


Catch 31

Grab a fourth meal at a local restaurant.

Coastal Virginia boasts a plethora of wonderful dining options. Whether you want to party late into the night after a casual beach wedding or are looking for a more relaxed ending to your hectic day, there are plenty of excellent local restaurants to choose from. There are certainly some stipulations you will want to look for, though. For one, you want to choose a restaurant that is spacious enough to accommodate your guests. You also want to choose a place that isn’t too far from the reception location, especially if you have a lot of out of town guests who are staying at a nearby hotel. If you plan to have a large group, it is always wise to make a reservation or book a private room. Some local restaurant options you might consider for your after-party include Waterman’s Surfside Grille (Virginia Beach), Catch 31 (Virginia Beach), The Cove Tavern (Newport News), Gershwin’s (Norfolk) and The Barrel Room (Norfolk).


The great thing about the after-party is that it can be as formal or casual as you choose. If you want to have it all planned out, complete with themed decor and snacks, you can absolutely do that. But if you are overwhelmed with all the planning you have already put into your wedding, your after-party can be as laid back as a verbal invitation to a nearby restaurant or bar once the reception has come to a close. The important thing is to make sure you get to spend quality time with your loved ones on your special day.

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