The Face of Trusted Experts: Bay Crawlspace and Foundation Repair

Bay Crawlspace

Bay Crawlspace and Foundation Repair is an award-winning contractor specializing in fixing homes with moisture, flooding, structural, and foundation issues. With a team of over 38+ full time professionals, “Bay” is proud to offer the best quality and value for professional crawl space and foundation repair services in Coastal Virginia.

We recommend that you ‘Trust The Experts’. Bay’s team of Trained Expert Advisors has over 150 years of combined trade experience and all they do is help homeowners fix crawl space and foundation issues.

As a homeowner and customer, you want to feel totally confident that your home is strong, healthy, and stable. You also want great value for the money you invest in protecting your home. That is exactly their specialty, at Bay Crawlspace and Foundation Repair.

1179 Lance Road Norfolk, VA 23502

Chris Murphy
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