Unique Ways to Display Decadent Desserts at Your Wedding

by | Dec 21, 2018

Gone are the days where the only wedding dessert was the cake. While the wedding cake is certainly still a popular fixture in today’s weddings, couples are increasingly opting to supplement the traditional cake with other sweet options. Adding a dessert table to your wedding can be a great way to showcase your originality and creativity, and your guests will appreciate an extra sweet treat to enjoy at the reception or to take home for later.

Here are a few of our favorite dessert table ideas to consider for your big day:

Cookie Jar Bar

Pique your guests’ sense of nostalgia with assorted flavored cookies displayed on the dessert table. If you really want to bring your guests back to their childhoods, pair the cookies with glasses of milk.

Doughnut Wall

Whoever first thought up the doughnut wall deserves a medal! This tasty wall of treats is sure to be a fan favorite at your wedding, and it makes for a photogenic prop.

S’Mores Station

Set up a fire pit at your outdoor wedding and arrange a s’mores-making station for your guests. There’s nothing quite like roasted marshmallows and melted chocolate—not to mention all the adorable plays on the word “s’mores” you can make.

Macaron Tower

Classy and delicious, macarons are the perfect confection to display at the dessert table. The flavor and color possibilities are endless, making them an easy treat to coordinate with your wedding theme.

Candy Buffet

A candy buffet is chance to share your favorite sweet treats with your guests, and can even double as a wedding favor when you provide cute take-home bags or jars. Choose candy colors that complement your wedding decor to add to the aesthetic of the event.

Dessert Shooters

From key lime pie to Oreo cheesecake to banana pudding, there is no shortage of flavors you can feature with these mini desserts. Dessert shooters are also a super simple option for DIY brides.

Ice Cream Buffet

Think of the ice cream party your second grade class earned for good behavior, except all grown up. Choose your favorite flavors and toppings, and provide cones and bowls for your guests to fill up. There’s no better way to cool down after hours of dancing!


Wedding dessert tables add a sweet and whimsical touch to your wedding, while showcasing your personality as a couple and without breaking the bank. This is a tasty trend we hope sticks around for a long time.

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