Wedding Day Cocktail

Tips for Creating a Wedding Day Cocktail That Is as Unique As You Are

by | Mar 20, 2022

wedding day cocktail

The key to modern weddings? Personalization. From handmade decor to heartfelt vows, couples work tirelessly to embellish traditional wedding customs with details specific to their own love story. Where a personal touch makes a true splash is not in the centerpiece or post-nuptial confetti, however, but rather inside a cocktail glass. 

Signature cocktails are highly customizable, and while couples are sure to share their taste in a lifelong partner, their taste for celebratory libations may differ. Creating a signature cocktail is not only a fun gastronomical experiment but provides a unique lens through which to understand yourself and your partner. Where shy and tequila or wild and water don’t typically mix, your wedding bar can bring all facets of your personalities to life. Here’s how:

Consult a mixologist. Still need your something borrowed and something new? A seasoned mixologist can concoct an array of pours unique to your personality, especially by marrying your go-to cocktail with bold, new flavors.

Brainstorm a catchy name. Put a romantic spin on classic cocktail names like a “Bloody Marry Me” or “Something Old-Fashioned.”

Add garnish. Love margaritas, but not the salt? Upgrade your trademark tipple with a garnish more suited to your personality like an Old Bay rim, fiery jalapeño or pineapple skewer.

Sip and share. Regale your guests with the story behind your signature cocktail. You’re the ones they’re celebrating after all!


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