Wedding Photographers Weigh-In On Social Media Weddings

by | Sep 29, 2017

For modern day couples, finding something borrowed and something blue is now the least of their worries on wedding day. As the pressure rises to create the wittiest wedding hashtag and one-of-a-kind Snapchat geofilter, so does the need to post a perfectly cropped and edited image of the glowing new couple to prove to the social media world that they have officially tied the knot.

This need for instantaneous photo sharing has caused professional photographers and snap-happy wedding guests to jockey for their position in capturing the perfect shot. Virginia Beach photographers and videographers Jarid Mitchell and Reid Schiff, co-owners of The Creative Creatives, weigh-in on how the departing trend of unplugged weddings affects the art of professional wedding photography.

A study conducted by Mashable and the Knot revealed that 68 percent of newlyweds want to see their wedding photos posted in real-time. For wedding photographers, this immediate turnaround is nearly impossible. “From big day to finish, [editing] typically takes a month,” explain Mitchell and Schiff. “We do like to take our time and turn out the best possible product for our clients.”

In the interim, bridesmaids, groomsmen and wedding guests assume responsibility for capturing photos of the couple’s wedding and posting them to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook Live, Twitter and Snapchat. From hair and makeup to the big reveal and first dance, a slew of smartphones and tablets can be seen lifted high with cameras flashing. This paparazzi-like trend is often encouraged by modern-day couples as they embellish cocktail napkins, chalkboard signs and ceremony programs with their distinct wedding hashtag.

The presence of technology can also impede upon the photo taking abilities at the wedding. “Flashes going off, people standing or moving in front of us can really make doing our job difficult sometimes,” say The Creative Creatives. They referenced a recent wedding shoot as an example. “We had someone standing at the back of the aisle holding an iPad. In the heat of the moment, it wasn’t something we noticed. Despite that, in editing, they were noticeable and a visual distraction.”

On a positive note, these visual distractions have encouraged wedding photographers to hone in on their photo editing capabilities, skills that are becoming increasingly necessary in such a digitized industry. “With the progression of social media and technology, we are seeing our clients prefer an electronic option, whether that’s for photos or video,” says Schiff. “I’ve never actually had a couple request physical prints. I feel like it’s so much easier and more cost effective to send images electronically,” adds Mitchell.

The presence of smart phones, tablets and social media proves to hinder one aspect of a wedding photographer’s job while benefiting another. Whether you choose to go unplugged or stream live on your special day, have guests be aware of your photographers’ needs. “Everyone wants to get the ‘shot’ and that’s understandable on such an important and special day.  However, we are there to get the shot so that couple, their family, those who couldn’t attend and [guests] taking the pictures can relive the moment,” explain Mitchell and Schiff.


The Creative Creatives

Virginia Beach natives and childhood friends Jarid Mitchell and Reid Schiff co-founded The Creative Creatives in 2014. Specializing in photography and videography for weddings, graduation, portraits, clothing and music videos, The Creative Creatives have produced several works throughout Virginia Beach, the Eastern Shore and Charlotte, N.C. Prior to the launch of The Creative Creatives, Mitchell and Schiff started Beach Filming and Photography in 2009 and a few years later introduced their YouTube Channel, formerly known as Fancy Sauce Productions.


Mr. & Mrs. Warren | 6.10.17 from The Creative Creatives


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