What to do with All Those Wedding Cards

Ideas for what to do with wedding cards

by | Aug 31, 2012

Dear HR Bride,

Do you have ideas for what to do with wedding cards? Initially I wanted to keep them all and have them organized by engagement, showers and ceremony and was going to punch holes in them and put them in neat little notebooks that I would decorate and pull out and read and just live happily ever after. Now I’ve almost ruined my shower cards because I kept messing up where to punch the holes, so they are looking like Swiss cheese! And I’m also wondering if it’s worth keeping all of the cards. I already have a photo album of showers, a scrapbook of things leading up to the wedding and a photo book of wedding photos. Am I trying to hold on to too much?


I Don’t Want to Build a Shrine to My Wedding, but I Have Trouble Throwing Things Away


Dear Don’t Want to Build a Shrine,

I had this same problem after my wedding because I too like to hold onto things for sentimental value but don’t have the space to dedicate to every cute thing I come across. Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your cards without taking up most of your space.

Make a collage

Display bits and pieces of cards year-round by using a punch to cut them into fancy circles and attaching them to a canvas with mod podge as shown on this blog, Mod Podge Rocks! Hang the canvas someplace in your home where it can be a constant reminder of wedding bliss.


Repurpose into Thank You notes

If you’re not too attached to the idea of keeping all your cards, you could repurpose them to be your Thank You notes. Cut designs and shapes out of your cards, and attach them to cardstock, adding other adornments as you see fit, or just cut the card in half, and use the design side as a postcard like this project from Simple Mom. You could send a Thank You note to someone using the very card that they gave you with their gift!

Make ornaments

Wedding cards are so elaborate nowadays with different textures and adorable designs. Cut the cards into different shapes such as hearts, circles and squares, leaving enough space at the top to punch a hole, then after punching the hole in the center of the top, tie a ribbon through each one to hang on your Christmas tree. If you’re feeling really creative like Holly Goes Lightly, try these ornaments that are made from pieces of different cards.


Create a wedding card booklet

You can secure your wedding cards into a scrapbook or photo book, but if there’s a plastic film keeping them in place, you’re less likely to pull them out to look at the notes people have written inside. Take this idea from Design Editor by punching two holes in the top of each card and lacing the cards through binder rings. When you’re finished, you’ll have a small scrapbook that’s easily accessible.

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