american rover on the water

Still Sailing: The American Rover at 35

Its red sails have become a signature sight on the Downtown Norfolk waterfront, and this year the American Rover celebrates its 35th year in operation. Principal owner, Brook Smith, recalls how at just 25 years old, he became the head captain of the iconic 135-foot, three-masted topsail schooner. “At the time, I probably wanted to [...]

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She Shed

She Said She Shed: Local Contractor Tips

By Erika Guess Photo by Janice Marshall-Pittman In 2019, Katie Williams told her husband Brandon she’d like to reclaim some space in their backyard for a home office. She had started a remote position with Aflac in North Carolina, and the transition to working from home had been a challenge. Once the pandemic hit and [...]

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Heirloom Staff

Heirloom Restaurant: Food and Family

Dictionaries define heirloom as “a valuable object that has belonged to the same family for many years,” noun. The crew at Heirloom, the elevated farm-to-table restaurant near the Virginia Beach Municipal Center, parsed its meaning long before opening in December 2020 and still do. “Beyond seeds and recipes, it’s tradition, work ethic, stories handed down,” [...]

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Williamsburg Winery Crabs

Summer Vino Trio at Williamsburg Winery

In the cool, dimly lit cellar at The Williamsburg Winery, winemaker Matthew Meyer strolls row after row of aging vintages before inserting a glass wine thief into an oak barrel, carefully drawing out a sample of their Adagio signature red blend, which is already bursting with complex, silky, luscious dark fruit flavors. Outside, it’s a [...]

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Coastalstrengthand Fitness1

Worth the Weights: Strength Training Tips

Photos by Luke and Ashley Photography Research has consistently shown the importance of resistance training in overall fitness. Adding weight to your workout can do wonders for bone health, muscle strength, metabolism and much more. When fitness coach Gary Deagle opened Coastal Strength & Fitness in Newport News, he wanted to create a place where [...]

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Johnpina Photobylukeashleyphotography 1

Sitting Proper at Proper Barber Shop

Photos by Luke & Ashley Photography John Piña has always been interested in fashion, fitness and fun. Originally from California, Piña began his life on the East Coast up north, living in New Jersey and working in New York where fashion and grooming facilities for men were very popular and easily accessible. He always wanted to [...]

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East Coast Surfing Championship

ECSC: The Longest Ride

  By Hannah Serrano While most of us missed the beach entirely last summer, an extremely scaled-down version of the East Coast Surfing Championships barreled ahead under stringent safety precautions, making it the oldest continuously running surfing competition in the world. For 57 years prior, that title was held by the legendary Rip Curl Pro [...]

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Adolphus Hailstork

Hailstork: Music from the Heart

Most people tend to slow down when they enter their golden years—but that’s hardly the case for world-renown composer Adolphus Hailstork, who recently retired from his teaching position at Old Dominion University. At age 80, the Virginia Beach resident is busier than ever, working on several pieces simultaneously. The most anticipated is A Knee on [...]

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cocktail camper and owner

Moving The Bar: Cocktail Carts

Drinking and driving don’t mix. Unless the drinks are driven to you by a mobile bar, the high-octane trend making the rounds on the special events circuit. With Piaggio Apes dispensing Aperol spritzes, retrofitted campers curating cocktails and converted horse trailers coursing with craft beer and wine, potent potables have never been so portable. Their [...]

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Home For Sale Real Estate Sign And Beautiful New House.

Home Sweet Bidding War

For Ayla and Patrick Joynt, the experience of shopping for their new home in Coastal Virginia was a rollercoaster ride. They were outbid not once, not twice, but three times on houses—at least one of which they describe as “a dream”—before they were finally holding a title and a set of keys. “We were starting [...]

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Gricehouseportsmouth Web

Best of the Blocks: CoVa’s Coolest Neighborhoods

What gives a neighborhood its character? Is it the homes, the people, the location? Sure. But then there’s the vibe, the energy, the golf carts, the dog parks, the corner cafes. There’s the history and comradery. The theaters, restaurants, churches and schools. There are the beaches, nature trails and pub crawls. And then there’s that [...]

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Dish Avocado Salad

Amazing Avocados and Dreamy Greens

Grilled or sliced, savory or sweet—creamy avocados corner the fresh market in these summery salads and a cool treat Photos by David Uhrin Hipsters may have made them meme-worthy—$22 avocado toast, anyone?—but there’s a reason nutritionists and foodies alike sing the praises of the super fruit also known as an alligator pear. Avocados’ gorgeous yellow-green [...]

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Seasonal Roots Typical Family Basket 1

Online Farmers Markets: From Dirt to Doorstep

Karla Robinson used to consider herself the meat and potatoes type, but a passion for produce grew when the “veggie fairy” began making weekly visits to her front porch. “I grew up in the Midwest and summer meant salads—of iceberg lettuce and flavorless tomatoes,” Robinson says of her once lackluster relationship with garden goodies. Then, [...]

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