Peace, Love and Little Doughnuts

Go Nuts for Doughnuts

Of all the round foods that qualify as desserts (cakes, pies, macarons, cookies and so forth), doughnuts hold a sweet place in our hearts. The sugary glaze and exciting toppings whip our taste buds into a frenzy while the soft, pillowy consistency bestows a comforting familiarity. Doughnuts are substantial enough to justify a true indulgence [...]

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model on bike with fashionable hat and outfit

Floral & Fringe

It’s summertime and the livin’s easy, right? Why shouldn’t our wardrobe reflect that feeling? With a little help from our friends at Virginia Beach-based women’s clothing shops Teal Eagle Boutique (Tatiana Hill, owner) and Lola Boutique (Erika Christian, owner), we put together a few looks that are laidback but fashion-forward, polished but playful—and, oh yeah, [...]

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dish by Adrift with clams and bread

Foodie Destination Adrift

The phrase “hidden gems” might be as clichéd as proof in the pudding. But if the hidden gems in question are the baked oysters in togarashi butter—Chef Devin Rose’s delectably regional twist on escargot—I will happily mine those gems every time I am anywhere near the tiny town of White Stone, Virginia. That’s the unassuming locale of Adrift restaurant, itself a hidden gem that has become [...]

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Food Finds to Sing About

Love Song Starting on a High Note Love Song doesn’t want to be labeled. “We have Spanish influences, but we’re not a Spanish restaurant. We have French brasserie influences, but we’re not strictly French,” says chef-owner Mike Hill. “American influences, too.” Dodging pigeonholes “…gives us the freedom to do whatever we want.” But the Oceanfront [...]

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A Historic Getaway: Roanoke’s Liberty Trust Hotel

As you enter the grand hotel lobby of The Liberty Trust in Downtown Roanoke, it’s clear the building was formerly a bank. A vault is open at the end of the long lobby, which was once lined with teller windows. Soon, the teller spaces will likely serve as a bar and restaurant. But this unique [...]

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The Bachelor Goes Coastal

You may recognize her from season 26 of The Bachelor, but fan favorite and Coastal Virginia native Susie Evans is used to being the one behind the camera. Her love story with Clayton Echard made headlines in the most recent season of The Bachelor, which earned its billing as “the most dramatic season yet.” Whether [...]

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What Dementia Feels Like

Have you ever wondered what people with dementia experience in their daily lives? According to the World Health Organization, 55 million people are currently diagnosed with dementia. With so many living with this disease, there is a need for compassionate and understanding caregivers. First Colonial Inn, an assisted living facility Virginia in Virginia Beach, now [...]

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yellow locus

Virginia Beach’s Elusive Yellow Lotus

ALL YELLOW: Native to the Sandbridge area, the yellow lotus was once relied on as food by Native Virginians and later celebrated with a week-long festival For just three days during the summer each yellow lotus blooms, casting a glimmering aura over Lotus Garden Park. Once an iconic presence in Virginia Beach, the regional cultural [...]

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Creating Community Over Coffee

Jessica Bergeron has only lived in Coastal Virginia for three years, but she probably knows more about the local coffee scene than most lifetime residents. Bergeron is a mother of two, originally from Ohio, and she’s always been a coffee lover. And like many who come to Coastal Virginia, she is from a military family. [...]

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Banking on the Ivories

When you picture a friendly hometown banker, it’s not the guy who rocks out ’60s and ’70s hits on a piano every Tuesday night at Virginia Beach’s Cavalier Hotel. But as skilled as TowneBank CEO Morgan Davis is at managing loans and deposits, he is equally adept at belting out Billy Joel, Elton John, the [...]

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Maia Chaka Makes NFL History

The electrifying feeling of stepping foot onto the field of an NFL game is unmatched—“magical” as Maia Chaka describes it. Taking part in an NFL football game is something so many dream of but only few actually achieve. Chaka made that dream a reality when she became an NFL official ahead of the 2021 season. [...]

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Back to the Movies

There’s no better place to beat the summer heat than to steal away to your local movie theater to catch the latest box office hit or future cult classic. And now that pandemic guidelines about social distancing are becoming all but a faded memory, we can finally return to our favorite cinema houses from Virginia [...]

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