Summer Music Featured

Hot Summer Spins

It’s getting hot out there. And that means it’s high time for some even hotter tunes to serve as your perfect summer soundtrack. The music nerds, AKA experts at local AFK Records, who have been “cheerfully slinging vinyl and books in Chic's Beach for over 10 years,” were kind enough to share a few thoughts [...]

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Summer Cocktails Featured

Cooler Cocktails: Summer Drink Recipes

Photos by Janice Marshall-Pittman Like every local restaurant during the pandemic, Williamsburg’s The Hound’s Tale, “an English gastropub with international flare,” found itself adapting in creative ways to stay afloat and keep its loyal customers happy, fed and suitably refreshed. They eschewed some higher priced menu items in favor of more accessible but unique offerings [...]

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Summer Bags Featured

Totes Adorbs: Bags for Summer

By Erika Guess Cast off your wool scarf and put your sweaters in storage, because summer is here. As you adjust your wardrobe for the season, don’t forget about your bag. That black leather tote looks great with your peacoat, but summers in Coastal Virginia require one to be on a Zoom call at 4 [...]

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Gifts Of The Magpie Featured

Flights of Fancy

Images courtesy of CapstoneWhen Sam Hundley’s Gifts of the Magpie was released by Capstone Editions on March 1 of this year, the retired Virginian-Pilot graphic designer and Norfolk-based “American Scrap Artist” added children’s book author and illustrator to his resume. Stories abound about magpies and other blackbirds gifting their humans with all manner of detritus—twine, marbles [...]

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Freedom Boat Club Featured

Boating Life Reimagined

Imagine that you have access to a private fleet of clean, well-maintained vessels: bow riders, deck boats, center consoles, pontoon boats and more. Visualize arriving at your local boat club. You’re greeted by a dock concierge who relieves you of your coolers, fishing tackle, picnic hampers and totes full of gear and securely stows everything [...]

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Eurasia Cafe Featured

New Openings and Revamped Menus from Coastal Virginia Restaurants

Eurasia Hits Refresh Eurasia Café’s just-revealed makeover brightens things up by carving out side windows for natural lighting and moving the bar up front where you can slake your pandemic-weary thirst for travel with a Wanderlust starring butterfly pea-infused Gunpowder Gin, found on the new drinks list that dovetails with the new look. An updated [...]

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Container Gardening Featured

Thinking Out of the Box

By Erika Guess Spring/summer planting season is upon us. Container gardening is a fun way to liven up your outdoor spaces and make them pop, whether you’re decorating an entryway or accenting an entire yard. My mother is an avid gardener who taught me to let your perennials do the heavy lifting when it comes [...]

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Sate Kitchen

Saté Kitchen Sates

When the pandemic forced Embassy Suites by Hilton in Hampton to furlough Kyle Fowlkes, the executive chef put pedal to the metal (and medals, given all he’s racked up in competitions) with Saté, The Roaming New American Kitchen, a catchy, cherry red food truck featuring his inspired chef-driven menu. “It’s my style of cooking with [...]

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Christy Coleman Featured

Christy Coleman is Reshaping Our Story

Photos courtesy of the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation As a seasoned historian, Christy Coleman knows the importance and power of museums, historical narratives, and inclusivity and doesn’t shy away from what some may consider challenging conversations. “I’ve always been intrigued with how cultures and people interact at points of crisis,” Coleman explains. “I find the simple narratives, [...]

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Amiraj Featured|Amiraj Food

Elevated Experiences Aren’t a Mirage at Amiraj

Some restaurants are described as love letters, perhaps to a cuisine or a locale. But Amiraj, Nawab’s new incarnation in Williamsburg, is a thank-you note. Unveiled last fall, the sophisticated Indian restaurant reflects owner Ashok Arora and his team’s gratitude for their clientele’s devotion for over two decades. “Especially recently,” says Nitesh Arora, wine director [...]

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Machicomoco Featured|Machicomoc 1|Machicomoco 2

Machicomoco State Park: A “Special Meeting Place” on the York River

Photos by Jim Pile “Machicomoco State Park is a place where Virginia’s cultural, historic and natural resources intersect,” says Dr. Melissa Baker, Director of Virginia State Parks. “In addition to being a special place where visitors can enjoy a wonderful outdoor experience, through interpretive educational displays and ranger-led public programs, people can learn more about [...]

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Summer Fun Coastal Virginia|Summer Fun Reaver Beach Brewing|Summer Fun Dock And Dine|Summer Fun Lollys Ice Cream|Summer Fun Mariners Museum|Summer Fun Edgar Cayce|Summer Fun Virginia International Tattoo|Summer Fun Art Exhibit|Summer Fun Virginia Zoo

A to Z Summer Fun in Coastal Virginia

Summer, summer, summertime. Time to sit back and unwind. And, wow, do we ever need it after the last year. So, take a cue from a classic by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince, relax and enjoy yourself this summer, whether it’s on the beach, at the pool or doing one of the 26 [...]

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Outer Banks Boil Featured|Outer Banks Boil 1 Cova|Outer Banks Boil 2 Cova

Outer Banks Boil Company Makes Virginia Beach Debut

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This statement certainly rings true for the founding trio of Virginia Beach’s Outer Banks Boil Company. The concept behind this alternative dining experience is a signature take-home boil prepped by the company’s staff and steamed at home in an official Outer Banks Boil Company pot. Here’s [...]

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Energy Drink Featured|Energy Drink Crunchy Hydration|Energy Drink Vibes|Energy Drink Juicebar Delivery

Local Energy Drinks for Pre-Workout Fuel

We all have days when our natural energy just isn’t enough. Sometimes we need a boost to take our sweat session to the next level—or just muster the motivation to get started. Thankfully, local brands are coming up with energy drink options using natural ingredients and more than caffeine alone—think CBD, collagen, hydrogen-infused water and [...]

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Virginia Capital Trail Feature

Three Adventures on the Virginia Capital Trail

When it opened to pedal pushers and pedestrians alike in 2015, the hope was that the Virginia Capital Trail would be a route dedicated to recreation, healthy living—and, of course, history. The 51.7-mile, multi-use trail runs from Virginia’s past capital of Jamestown to the current capital city of Richmond. Reflecting on the well-planned pathway’s fifth [...]

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Southside Woodshop is Counter Intuitive

Southside Woodshop is Counter Intuitive

“I lost a bet,” Jud Dinsmore quipped when asked how he came to open The Southside Woodshop in Portsmouth, which specializes in custom solid wood countertops, butcher blocks, bar tops and tabletops. The truth is there was some winning and losing involved. In 2002, after a year in Denver “just for fun” and three years [...]

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Siren Skate Shop Featured|Siren Skate Shop Skateboards

Norfolk’s Siren Skate Shop is on a Roll

Photos by Will Hawkins Years ago, when Siren Skate Shop owner Mike Merritt was looking to buy some custom-built skateboards for his three sons, he of course made the obligatory trip to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, where surf and skate shops are about as abundant as 7-Elevens. Recognizing the need for something similar in the [...]

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Holy Dank Featured

Holy Dank Spice Blend

What happens when a “bored man” meets a “full spice cabinet”?  A whole lot of goodness as it turns out. On a Sunday in 2018, Norfolk Academy sophomore Walter Frazer’s older brother, home from college, asked Walter to cook him breakfast.  Like any loving sibling, he “mixed some things together” and the earliest whiff of [...]

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Summer Fun Guide|schoonor alliance|Pony Rides Pearl Cova Extended Ad Kbk 2021

2021 Summer Fun Guide

 Local Attractions Hunt Club Farm Hunt Club Farm offers something for everyone, from young to old and in between. On the farm, we raise chickens, goats, and other livestock. We also provide educational field trips and feature nature and agricultural-based entertainment through our Petting farm, BirdWalk Aviary, TreeWalk Adventure, pony rides, and seasonal farm [...]

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