Suffolk Restaurant Featured

Main Street Morsels in Downtown Suffolk

You stroll past a rustic-chic restaurant whose founder cooked at the legendary James Beard House. Turn the corner, there’s a sushi bar whose chef-owner trained under Iron Chef Morimoto. Take several steps down the street, and chili-spiked watermelon and pineapple spears in fiesta-colored Mexican fresh fruit cups dazzle you. Are you in hip Santa Monica? [...]

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Idea House Featured

2020 CoVa Idea House: Home Is Where the Harbor Is

Coco Chanel, the iconic post-WWI French fashion designer, once famously said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” As the award-winning team at Stephen Alexander Homes & Neighborhoods set about designing the Marina Cottages at East Beach, they “channeled” Chanel’s less-is-more philosophy. Reimagining the casual coastal lifestyle in [...]

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Fall Leaves Featured

Coastal Virginia Fall Foliage Trails

Autumn is easily my favorite season to be outdoors in Coastal Virginia. A much-needed reprieve from brutal humidity combined with not-too-cold-yet temperatures and trees ablaze in bright hues makes me giddier than a quad-shot pumpkin spice latte. Our region is made for folks like me who love fall and also enjoy an active lifestyle, with [...]

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Survivor Ventures

2020 Nonprofit of the Year: Survivor Ventures

“In the movies, [human trafficking] is this big kidnapping situation. You’re taken away and never heard from again, but it’s not like that. It’s actually the complete opposite. Most of the time, it’s the people that you trust, love and confide in that lead you to ‘the life’.” Olivia Reposa describes the reality of human [...]

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2020 Community Impact Awards Winners

The businesses listed on the following pages—from food trucks to law firms, dental practices to security agencies—do so much more than serve customers. Please join us in celebrating our Community Impact honorees for all the ways they go above and beyond in making a difference for others. Armada Hoffler Properties Virginia Beach “Since the inception [...]

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Survivor Ventures

2020 Giving Back Awards Winners

While this year may be one most of us are anxious to put in the rearview mirror, 2020 was also a time when those willing to be of service to their communities reflected the best of human nature while faced with the worst of circumstances. The 10 amazing nonprofit organizations and 10 community-minded businesses featured [...]

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holiday sides

Next-Level Holiday Side Dishess

Photos by Jenna McKenney While very much beloved, those old faithful side dishes can often get the short end of the stick in terms of our creativity. As we prepare to gather around the table with friends or family this time of year, consider spicing up that stuffing or adding a little pizzazz to those [...]

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Truitt House

A Taste of Suffolk History at the Truitt House

Violet-eyed film icon Elizabeth Taylor knew how to make an entrance—on screen and off. In the grand foyer of the Truitt House in downtown Suffolk, I can’t help but imagine an impossibly bejeweled Taylor elegantly descending the shallow steps of the home's exquisite floating staircase. She may have done just that when she visited the mansion along with her sixth husband, would-be U.S. Senator John Warner. No [...]

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Virginia Beach Sports Center Featured

A New Space for Sports at the Virginia Beach Sports Center

“This is the kind of game-changing project Virginia Beach is known for,” Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer told the socially distanced crowd gathered in the fall sunshine outside the entrance to the Virginia Beach Sports Center for a grand opening celebration on a Oct. 1, “and I think you’ll all agree that it couldn’t have [...]

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Apex Entertainment

Apex Entertainment Brings Family Fun to Town Center

The former Dick’s Sporting Goods location at Virginia Beach Town Center will soon be sporting in a whole new way. Apex Entertainment, a family entertainment company that originated in Marlborough, Mass., is scheduled to open its fourth U.S. location there, featuring a host of fun activities for kids, parents and laser tag lovers of all [...]

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Patrick Duhaney-featured

A Conversation with Virginia Beach’s New City Manager Patrick Duhaney

Virginia Beach’s new city manager, Patrick Duhaney, has no shortage of challenges ahead of him. On the job for a little more than two months, he steps into the pivotal role following the resignation of previous city manager Dave Hansen in August 2019 and as the Commonwealth’s most populous city grapples with the unprecedented health, [...]

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Cranberry Tart-featured

Spiced Cranberry Curd Tart Recipe

That eye-popping crimson color. That silky sweet-tart cranberry curd with just a hint of classic holiday spices. And last, but certainly not least, that delicate crunch of a blissfully buttery pistachio crust. Wow your family, your guests—or, hey, even just yourself if you’re opting for a truly socially distanced holiday season—with a dessert that’s not [...]

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Moe Stevenson-featured

Moe Stevenson: A Craftsman of Comforting Cuisine

If comfort food were an art form, Motier Stevenson could be hailed as Coastal Virginia’s Leonardo da Vinci. Stevenson is chef and co-owner of My Mama’s Kitchen, a homey restaurant near Norfolk’s East Beach dishing out Southern-style cuisine with a smile. Stevenson, known as “Moe,” began his culinary career in an unlikely way—during a semester [...]

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Yendidi Restaurant

5 to Try at Yendidi Restaurant

Images courtesy of Yendidi Restaurant Coastal Virginia has become a melting pot for international fare. Adding some spice to our regional restaurant offerings is Yendidi Restaurant, serving flavorful, authentic Ghanaian and West African cuisine. Yendidi opened for takeout back in June but is now seating diners inside the restaurant. Chef, owner and Ghana-native Josephine Oteng-Appiah, [...]

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3d dental

New Dimensions in Dentistry

Remember when you used to go to the dentist or orthodontist, and they would mix up that putty-like impression material in order to make a mold of your teeth? Well, thanks to a modern innovation in radiography, the same thing can now be accomplished by taking three-dimensional images of your jaw and teeth to make [...]

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