Coastal Virginia Top Docs 2022

2022 Top Docs of CoVa

 Coastal Virginia Magazine Top Doctors 2022 For over ten years, Coastal Virginia Magazine's Top Docs peer to peer survey has conducted polls in health care to identify the physicians other physicians trust most. It's almost like asking: “If you or a loved one needed a physician to whom would you refer?” We asked Coastal Virginia [...]

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Photo courtesy of Suffolk Center for cultural Arts

Modern Moves: 2022-2023 Fall Arts Preview

Photo Courtesy of Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts Norfolk’s Chrysler Museum of Art will expand horizons and challenge perceptions this fall arts season with what museum director Erik Neil calls a groundbreaking exhibit, exploring the connection between famed African American artist Jacob Lawrence and other international creatives of his time through the Nigerian publication Black [...]

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Camping on Assateague Island

Eastern Shore: Kayaking and Camping on Assateague Island

Another spatter of salty bay water hit me in the face as I paddled against the unrelenting 15 mph wind. If the Assateague Island ponies munching on grass less than 100 feet away had bothered to notice me, they probably would have thought, “Just another one of those human kayakers out enjoying a day on [...]

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Game Day Gourmet Appetizers

Game Day Gourmet Appetizers

Photos by Dave Uhrin Whether your Sundays are all about football this fall or you’re just looking to score a touchdown with some kicked-up shareables your family and friends will love, we’ve got you covered all the way to the end zone. These appetizer recipes from local cooking instructor Jacqui Renager of Fun in the [...]

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Sly Clyde Ciderworks

Sly Clyde’s Cider Brothers

The Smith brothers’ family has been in business in Phoebus for more than 100 years. Sly Clyde Ciderworks, their popular craft cidery located in the heart of the historic Hampton neighborhood, is an homage to their grandfather, whose previous home is now their taproom. Tim and Doug Smith are pleased to be part of the [...]

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The Historic Cavalier Hotel

Coastal Virginia Haunted History

Visitors, beware. Behind the walls of these storied buildings stand more than just relics. The ghosts of witches, scorned lovers and wounded soldiers haunt the grounds and tease visitors with mysterious sights, sounds and other paranormal happenings. Are they real or rumor? You decide. The Historic Cavalier Hotel, Virginia Beach (Photo Above) Bottles of Tarnished Truth [...]

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The Norfolk Forum

Norfolk Forum 90th Anniversary

It was 1933, the height of the Great Depression, when a small group of citizens in Norfolk signed on to launch a public lecture series aimed at broadening their knowledge of current affairs. That year, the cost to attend all four lectures presented by what would become known as the Norfolk Forum—including then U.S. Speaker [...]

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Peace Mural ViBe District

Peaceful New Mural in ViBe Creative District

One of the latest murals in the ViBe Creative District at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront is putting out a peaceful message, and you can take it all in as you’re eating a scoop of gourmet ice cream. While it’s meant to inspire those enjoying some fun and family time at the beach, the message from [...]

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The Glowline Photo Courtesy of ERTF

Ready, Set, Glow on Elizabeth River Trail

Norfolk’s popular Elizabeth River Trail, the 10.5 mile, mixed-use trail that winds through businesses, historic attractions and 28 neighborhoods, is about to glow up. The Elizabeth River Trail Foundation recently broke ground on its on its newest amenity, The Glowline, at Jeff Robertson Park. This first-of-its-kind on the East Coast, The Glowline is an 800-foot [...]

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Sly Clyde Ciderworks

A Cider Sip and Learn at Sly Clyde

At a recent workshop put on by the American Cider Association (ACA) at Sly Clyde Ciderworks in Hampton, local food and beverage professionals were treated to five very different styles of Sly Clyde ciders to pair with foods served up by Hampton-based Chicken Stop food truck. As Chef Dwayne Jones plated chicken sandwiches, caprese veggie [...]

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Coco Peru

Curtain Rises Again for Hampton Arts

Hampton Arts is back after a two and a half year intermission. Artistic Director Richard M. Parison Jr. says that this season is about reconnecting to the community after the interruptions caused by the pandemic. “My goal was to make this 35th anniversary season a wide ranging, eclectic stew of artistry,” Parison says. “We wanted [...]

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the painted tree interior

The Painted Tree Takes Root

If beachy is your bag, jelly is your jam or shabby is your chic, Painted Tree Boutiques delivers. Well, not technically because, you see, the in-person shopping experience is part of the point. The yin to the online shopping yang that took hold with new vigor during the pandemic, Painted Tree is rooted in the [...]

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Photo by Gari-Ann Kia, courtesy of Northern Neck Popcorn Bag

Gourmet Popcorn Popping Up All Over

Pop, pop, pop! The glorious sound of golden kernels bursting into airy, white puffs is one of extreme nostalgia. So is the smell of buttery goodness that transports us to the movie theater, the baseball stadium and the big tent circus. Popcorn as a special treat has taken on a whole new definition though thanks [...]

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Virginia Children’s Chorus

New Song for Virginia Children’s Chorus

For Corbin Thomas Pinto, taking on the mantle of artistic director of the Virginia Children’s Chorus (VCC) this year is part of a lifetime of raising her voice with the VCC. “It feels very much like I’m coming home,” Pinto says. Growing up in the area, Pinto was a member of the VCC for six [...]

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Wells Theatre

Full Season in the House for Virginia Stage

After nearly three years of pandemic-related upheavals to live performance, there’s a distinctive energy that is shared by Coastal Virginia’s arts curators. “Knock on wood,” they say, as they talk about the seasons they have lovingly put together. “Fingers crossed,” they add, as they imagine crowds of theatergoers in houses that have stood eerily empty, [...]

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Photo courtesy of The Stockpot

Paella in the Casa at The Stockpot

Photos courtesy of The Stockpot While tapas—those eminently social and shareable small plates popular from Madrid to Málaga—seem to have found a permanent place on many American menus over the last couple of decades, Spain’s beloved national dish is a little harder to come by unless you make it yourself. But, thanks to The Stockpot [...]

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cooking with figs

It’s Fig Season in Coastal Virginia

There is just something fantastical about a perfectly ripe, just-picked fig. Figs have a sumptuously sweet (but not cloying) taste, a rich, pillowy texture and ever-so-slightly crunchy, edible seeds that give them a little bite in the center. Once picked, they’re a bit delicate, begging to be handled with care and presented with style. In [...]

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fall family on bikes

Fall for Family Fun

Come September, Coastal Virginia is in its prime. We are passed the sweltering heat of mid-summer, but not quite in the blistering winds of winter. Our autumn is temperate and flush with fall foliage, thus making it the perfect time to explore the bounty of our region’s outdoor spaces. Both the Southside and Peninsula are [...]

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Marshview Park

Marshview Park’s New Mountain Biking Trail

In 2012, Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation pitched a project that would literally transform the city’s landscape. The concept, Marshview Park, reimagined a plot of land sandwiched between several neighborhoods at Lake Rudee as a public park outfitted with multi-use trails, play areas, picnic shelters and disc golf. The Master Plan also envisioned tracks for [...]

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family immunizations


In some social circles, vaccines have become as much of an off-limits topic as politics and exes. But, regardless of opinion, the scientific rationale behind immunizations remains the same: to imitate infection with the goal of preventing the contraction or spread of serious diseases. To protect the majority while simultaneously assuring the freedom of choice, [...]

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Local Peanut Farmer’s “Shocking” Methods

Fourth-generation, Southampton County farmer Elisha Barnes’ passion for doing things the old-fashioned way landed him a partnership with Hubbard Peanut Company for the country’s only single-original peanut line. I had no time to accept another writing assignment. Deadlines loomed, social obligations tugged. Then I heard about fourth-generation, Southampton County farmer Elisha Barnes. He shuns mechanized [...]

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Photo Courtesy of Amber OX Public House

Wild About Local Spots for Wings

Photo Above Courtesy of Amber OX Public House Coastal Virginia has a thing for wings—saucy, spicy or crispy, we love them all. Even during a national chicken wing shortage, the demand for wings never stopped growing. Over Super Bowl weekend alone, Americans consume more than 1.4 billion wings, according to the National Chicken Council, making [...]

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Drs. Ruth Innes and Apostolos “Paul” Hiotellis

Meet Our Top Docs Healthy Family

Photos By Mike Dragon Not long after the birth of my second daughter my husband and I noticed our focus on fitness and nutrition starting to slip. The demands of working full-time while parenting two children under the age of two came on strong…at the exact time we could no longer trust in that magical [...]

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Is Telehealth Here to Stay?

These are but a few of the dozens of questions circulating the medical community these days. The world has once again turned upright and now that patients are permitted face-to-face visits with their doctors, telemedicine’s role in healthcare is one of ambiguity. We consulted Dr. Francis Counselman, M.D., C.P.E., F.A.C.E.P. of Emergency Physicians of Tidewater [...]

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running group or club

Go Team, Go!

Research suggests that those who attend group fitness classes lose more weight, demonstrate higher levels of performance and are more likely to stick to a workout routine than their solo counterparts.

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health screening

Lifesaving Health Screenings

Health screenings are a form of detection that help individuals prevent or jumpstart treatment of cancers, illnesses and other diseases. The need for and frequency of screenings are dependent on gender, age and one’s health history. Knowing which screenings are recommended for each period of life can help you seek easier, more effective treatment should [...]

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8 glasses of water

Health Rules: Myth or Fact

We’ve heard these “rules” time and time again. They’ve been around for so long that rarely do we pause to question their validity. Science changes every day, however, so it is our duty to stay apprised of new findings and let go of the health myths that no longer serve us. We jump started the [...]

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Apostolos “Paul” I. Hiotellis, MD

Ask a Doctor, Paul Hiotellis

Apostolos “Paul” I. Hiotellis, MD TPMG City Center Family Medicine Newport News Q. Why did you choose family medicine as your practice area and what do you enjoy most about your job? A. In medical school we have to rotate through various specialties. My last one was family medicine, and it seemed to bring everything [...]

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guy waking up in bed

Sleep Sense

How to catch some much-needed ZZZs in our sleep-deprived culture. Bedtime. Children fight it; adults long for it. Regardless of when we want or think we should sleep, carving out time to catch some Z’s is critical.

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Yu Guan

Ask a Doctor, Yu Guan

Yu Guan, MD TPMG Yorktown Family Medicine Yorktown Q. Why did you choose family medicine as your practice area and what do you enjoy most about your job? A. Growing up in a family-focused culture, I was inspired to dedicate my life to providing care for other families and helping them stay healthy. I believe [...]

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Meagan M. Roenker, MD

Ask a Doctor, Meagan M. Roenkerellis

Meagan M. Roenker, MD Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group Virginia Beach Q. Why did you choose family medicine as your practice area and what do you enjoy most about your job? A. I truly enjoy the connection and conversation. I liked a variety of fields during medical school and knew I wanted to practice outpatient medicine [...]

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mental health

What’s On Your Mind?

For decades, conversations about mental health were deemed taboo. Depression and bipolar disorder, for example, were perceived as untreatable not to mention socially unacceptable. People suffering from mental maladies were too often cast aside and forced to battle their demons alone. Finally, society has recognized the value in addressing mental health—conversations around it, therapies for [...]

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