Nationally recognized, with over 60 years of expertise in every facet of the industry, The Breeden Company is one of the few vertically-integrated real estate development companies in the country. We boast a portfolio of over 15,000 apartments and over 2 million square feet of retail and office space that have been owned, managed and developed.

The Breeden Company’s well-integrated business model, comprised of Breeden Realty, Breeden Construction and Breeden Property Management, has enabled the balance of supply and service across its multiple divisions to shift appropriately to meet changing market demands. Visionary thinking, innovative design and the confidence to take a well-calculated risk backed by knowledge, experience and a solid operating strategy have set The Breeden Company apart.

Explore why we are national award winners and one of the most valued real estate development firms.

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560 Lynnhaven Pkwy, Virginia Beach, VA 23452, United States
Phone: 757-486-1000