Submitting Your Events – Frequently Asked Questions

Our community calendar features Coastal Virginia area events from live music at your local bar to storytime at your library and everything in between. We’ve partnered with a company called Evvnt to power our new calendar offering additional ways to promote your event.

Listing your event on our calendar powered by Evvnt gives you more control over your event listing and makes it super easy for our readers and your fans to find your event as well as other events happening in the area.

To list your event, click on this link. You’ll see a form where you can type in the name of your event, a category and the venue. When you start typing, you’ll see options and suggestions for categories. Pick the one that is most relevant to your event.

All events are able to be listed for free. At the end of each step, we provide ways to promote your event at various price points. Promoting your event will feature it on the Coastal Virginia Magazines Website Calendar and across other regional publications and event listing sites across Evvnt’s syndication network. If you wish to have a normal listing, you can always continue for free.

Next, you’ll add in your event details such as the time, descriptions, and websites for your event. If you miss a required field, you’ll be given details about how to fill in the information. One requirement is an image. Here are the recommended image sizes. We also will require a website and an email with each event, so users can contact someone about the event. This website can be anything from your organization’s main website to your Facebook Page – there is a list of website types you can choose from.

To complete submission and monitor your event’s progress with our reporting, we need you to sign up or sign in with your account.

If you already have an account with Evvnt, use the email you signed up with.

If you are a new user, you’ll be asked to enter the email you want to sign up with. You’ll be sent an email there to confirm your password and see how your event is doing.

You’ll be given one more chance to promote your event with a paid Premium Listing. If you don’t want to do that, you can check the “free” tab and the tab that says “stay free, upgrade later.”

After clicking that button, your event should be live on Coastal Virginia Magazine’s Events Calendar Page within a few minutes. You’ll be able to track updates, upgrade to a Premium Listing, edit your event, and access additional email marketing tools through your Evvnt account.

Recommended Image Size

High quality imagery in a variety of sizes helps you promote your events. High resolution images are required otherwise they will appear blurred or distorted.

We accept JPEG (.jpg) images and PNG (.png) format images.  

 Images for Evvnt Calendars

  • 160 x 160 –  Search page
  • 450 x 250 – Larger Featured
  • 850 x 300 – Details Page

When submitting your event we ask for three image dimensions; square, landscape and portrait. By providing images of different shapes & sizes, it gives the best possible chance of your listing looking as good as it possibly can on any of the sites in our network. Although only one image is required, giving us each of these three will improve the display of your listings across our network. The event image, once uploaded, is displayed in our calendars in the following sizes and formats.

  • 160 x 160 – Search page
  • 450 x 250 – Larger Featured
  • 850 x 300 – Details Page

What category should I select for my event?

Try to select the most specific. Try typing in a couple of different categories to see what shows up.

My event takes place on several days. What’s the easiest way to enter multiple dates?

You can create your first event and then edit the event to add additional dates to set up recurring events by accessing your Evvnt account.

What do I get with a premium listing?

Your event will be featured on the Coastal Virginia Magazine’s Website calendar. Additionally, your event will also be entered into a network of 3,000+ potential targeted and localized event listing sites and syndicate your event out on to the ones that relate to your events content. 

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