The Face of Dental Wellness: Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha, Port Warwick Dental Arts

by | Dec 9, 2021

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Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha, a nationally recognized cosmetic and reconstructive dentist, has created beautiful, healthy smiles for Hampton Roads since 1982. She is internationally published and esteemed as an educator and top clinician in cosmetic dentistry and the mind/body connection. She and her team have developed a gentle, non-surgical protocol for the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease that enhances total body wellness. Dr. Samaha is called upon to share her expertise with dental and medical colleagues and is launching the country’s first Diabetic and Cardiac Care Dental Center on the Peninsula within her office. Dr. Samaha’s practice is focused on the care of health-conscious individuals, based on holistic approaches to dental care and total wellness. Additionally, Dr. Samaha is an enthusiastic supporter of the Peninsula’s visual and performing arts and is an accomplished watercolorist who pulls rich inspiration from the people, music, dance and natural environment encountered in our region as well as in her travels. 

Comprehensive Dentistry for Health, Function and Beauty

Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha
251 Nat Turner Blvd S, Newport News, VA

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