Prosperity Bakery Introduces Fresh Pastries and Roman-Style Pizzas

by Grace Silipigni | Nov 19, 2018

The highly esteemed Commune recently expanded its collection of farm-to-table eateries to include a stand-alone bakery and pizzeria in Virginia Beach’s ViBe District. The bakery dubbed Prosperity has allowed Commune owner Kevin Jamison to enhance his team’s production of baked goods and introduce the beach to true, Roman-style pizzas.

Jamison secured the painted brick building on Virginia Beach Boulevard mid-summer and refurbished much of the space on his own. Like Commune, Prosperity’s interior delicately balances rustic, farmhouse décor with a touch of modernity. Gold fixtures hang from the restaurant’s jet-black ceiling, shining light onto the jagged wooden tables that line the center of the dining room. The tables, explains Jamison, are made from the remains of a 19th century Virginia farmhouse.

In addition to the communal dining tables, the open concept eatery is complete with an 18-foot pastry case, chilled cake display, open kitchen and outdoor garden patio. Prosperity’s selection of baked goods rotates daily, thus revealing a fresh spattering of artisan breads, savory croissants, sticky buns, scones and cookies. Now certified through the Department of Agriculture, Prosperity also sells their delectable line of house-jarred jams, jellies, preserves and pickles made from the fresh produce of Jamison’s recently acquired New Earth Farm in Pungo.

Come sundown, the glass-front countertop transforms into a runway for Prosperity’s fresh, Italian pizzas topped with house-made crushed tomato sauce. An assortment of local beers and Italian wines are also available for purchase.

Prosperity is located at 532 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach and is open seven days a week during select hours.

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