Droofin Delivers Wine and Beer across Coastal Virginia

by | Sep 10, 2020

Norfolk-based startup, Droofin, is set to deliver wine and beer to thirsty residents on the Southside of Coastal Virginia.

“Droofin is exclusively an online beer and wine ordering platform that delivers chilled, ready-to-enjoy products to your doorstep,” according to owner Kevin Cunningham. The company’s name is Scottish slang for “I need a drink.”

Droofin fills a void in the home delivery market by properly storing beer and wine in a refrigerated warehouse and refrigerated delivery trucks, allowing customers to enjoy their purchase the minute their order arrives.

Another problem Droofin addresses is missed delivery windows. With Droofin, customers will be able to select their delivery address, date and time.

“A major problem with online beer and wine clubs is their use of FedEx or UPS,” Cunningham explains. “Customers don’t receive notice of the specific time their order will arrive, yet they must be there to sign for the delivery. If they miss the delivery, it ends up being more of a hassle.”

While Droofin was developed before the coronavirus pandemic, the boozy delivery service comes in Droofin Beer Glasshandy amid social distancing and with football season right around the corner. Cunningham says his idea came from his wife seeing an ice cream truck drive by the beach and her jokingly asking, “why can’t there be a white wine truck?”

“Her whimsical question got my imagination going: how do I take what I have learned in logistics and home delivery businesses and adapt it to build a wine and beer delivery business?” says Cunningham.

After a soft launch over the summer, Droofin’s beer and wine delivery is now available in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake, with plans to expand to the Eastern Shore and the Peninsula in 2021. Droofin’s service can be accessed best through its website, Droofin.com, while the mobile app is in development.

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