Old Fashioned and On Trend

From “granny chic” to green and gold, chinoiserie to bone inlay, what’s old is new with these decorating trends

by | Nov 1, 2022

Trending Touches Fabric and décor at Artéé Fabrics & Home in Virginia Beach.

In a world where fast furniture has become as prevalent as fast food, sturdy family heirlooms have often taken a back seat—or maybe a trip to Goodwill—in favor of assemble-it-yourself affordability. But the pandemic, supply chain issues and continuing inflation have caused many folks to take a well-deserved second look at Nana’s sofas, chairs and poster beds, says Jerry Freeman, vice president of Artéé Fabrics & Home.

What’s more, reupholstering projects of the “granny chic” variety are all the rage. So, dust off those Broyhill armchairs and Drexel Heritage sofas, and if the funky florals don’t work for you or the beige brocade has seen better days, give it an upgrade. Quality furniture was meant to last, and a fabric refresh is an affordable option that will give you lots of bang for your design buck, not to mention the Nana-approved sentimental value.

Originally a fabric manufacturer, Artéé Fabrics & Home’s store locations now include two locally—one in the Hilltop area of Virginia Beach and one in Yorktown—as well as those in North Carolina, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and other spots primarily along the East Coast. Along with a wide selection of fine fabrics at reasonable prices, the stores offer trim, custom furniture, windows, bedding, and a variety of home accessories and décor items.

So, while you are searching for the perfect fabric to help you fall in love all over again with that old loveseat, you can also browse for pillows, side tables, artwork, vases and much more. We asked Freeman for some other insider tips and current trends in home decorating. In addition to recovering old furniture, pairing antiques and heirlooms with modern pieces is big at the moment, he notes. So, too, are Asian-influenced design elements, fun patterns, bone inlay furniture, wallpaper and the color duo of green and gold.

For more on these trends, check out the list included here. Learn more about Artéé Fabrics & Home at ArteeFabricsandHome.com

Photo Courtesy of Artéé Fabrics & Home in Virginia Beach.

Granny Chic

Granny Chic
Hold on to your lace doilies and chintz curtains because this “old is new” trend along wth its counterparts like “cottagecore” and “grandmilllennial” will have you raiding your great aunt’s attic and scouring estate sales for frilly statement pieces. Gravitate to those that really speak to you and feel free to update or upcycle them to fit your lifestyle.

Old with New
Along with the granny chic trend is the idea of juxtaposing contemporary looks with traditional ones. Think an abstract modern painting alongside a tufted, floral sofa or contemporary shelving adorned with Nana’s needlepoint or antique china. In a similar vein is “high-low” décor, pairing luxurious pieces with those less expensive or even campy.

Photo Courtesy of Artéé Fabrics & Home in Virginia Beach.

Good Bones

Good Bones
Speaking of old being new, the ancient art of bone inlay—utilizing finely carved fragments of found animal bones or shells imbedded into the surface of a piece of furniture or décor—is alive and well. Crafted into intricately beautiful, striking patterns often coated in a durable, glossy resin, bone inlay tables, desks, dressers, lamps, boxes and more have a timeless appeal.

Green and Gold
A year after Shutterstock declared the regal “Fortuna Gold” the ideal complement to its “deep and moody Tidewater Green” (we like to think they had our region in mind), this auspicious color combo isn’t going anywhere. Tastemakers and trendsetters continue to accent tropical earthy greens with warm metallics in geometric and organic shapes galore.

Photo Courtesy of Artéé Fabrics & Home in Virginia Beach.

East Meets West

East Meet West
Asian influences are nothing new in contemporary design, not surprising given our Western fascination with the continent’s rich and diverse aesthetic traditions dating back thousands of years. Perhaps nowhere is that more apparent than in the chinoiserie style, a European interpretation of Chinese motifs that appear on blue and white vases, wallpaper and more.

Pattern Play
Whether it’s animal prints, citrus fruits or exotic birds aplenty, don’t be afraid to fall for those trending patterns that speak to your wild side and add that wow factor to a room. Pillows, especially when paired with a neutral sofa, and smaller accent pieces or surfaces are great ways to go bold on patterns without overcommitting.

Paper Power
This is not your grandmother’s wallpaper, even if it looks like it. The rise of peel-and-stick wall coverings (goodbye, gluey messes of yesteryear) has made adding playful patterns and pops of colors to walls and surfaces as easy to do as it is to undo if you change your mind. So, roll up your sleeves and roll out the fun on walls, shelving and even furniture.

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