S’mores Amore Makes Delicious Desserts at Selden Market

by | Feb 25, 2019

S'mores Amore at Selden Market

When would a person ever spend $20 on s’mores? When the s’mores are compiled of a buttery graham cracker cookie crust, followed by a homemade brownie or blondie, topped with a made-from-scratch marshmallow and toasted right on the spot—that’s when. At S’mores Amore, you can find creations that hold just the right amount of salty and sweet, plus ooey-gooey marshmallow texture, all packed into a neat, bite-sized square.

Duane Dinio, a professional chef of eight years, launched this sweet idea at Selden Market this past summer. “I’ve always had a love for creating desserts of ridiculous deliciousness,” Dinio says. So he decided to recreate a childhood favorite that was a rare treat. “I loved s’mores as a kid, and those flavors of graham crackers, chocolate and, of course, the best part—toasting the marshmallow over a campfire. But who wants to go through all that every day? When you’re obsessed with s’mores like I am, you have to create a solution to this problem.”

S'Mores Amore serves delicious desserts at Selden Market

The solution resulted in something even better than regular s’mores. Dinio created flavors based on desserts he loved as a kid and then fires up a miniature blow torch to complete the ultimate s’mores experience. Their Super Six Menu consists of Espresso Yo’Self, Amazey Strawberry, PB OMG!, S’Moreos, Golden S’Mores Amore Blondie and The Original S’Mores Amore Brownie that started it all. Plus, there’s always a “Whoa!” Flavor of the Month, like The Great Golden Pumpkin for fall or the Ooh Bae Baybee (ube or purple yam, butter and vanilla with organic coconut). Since opening, Dinio has sold over 7,000 S’mores Amore brownies and blondies and says the response has been phenomenal. “People love the show, the smell of the burnt marshmallow and indulging in a childhood classic without having to build a campfire.”

Get fired up at S’mores Amore at Selden Market, 208 E. Main St., Norfolk. Visit SmoresAmore.com for hours and more info.

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