5 Juice Cleanses to Try for an End-of-Summer Detox

by | Aug 6, 2018

For most of us, overindulging in good food and good times is simply a part of summer. The warm weather entices us with backyard barbecues and beachy cocktails, often placing our bathing suit-ready diet on hold.

While August marks the end of summer vacation, it also prompts a health revival, encouraging us to get our bodies back on track. Juice cleanses are a quick and healthy way to reset the body by ridding our livers and guts of harmful toxins, repairing damaged cells and reaping the benefits of all-natural foods. Below are five of our favorite detox packages from juice bars across Coastal Virginia.


JuiceFix Juicery

JuiceFix Juicery

4917 Courthouse St., Williamsburg

Our Pick: Juice ReBoot
Cost: $50 per month
Duration: 1 day

JuiceFix Juicery is dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality cold-pressed juices to Williamsburg residents. Each of its eight freshly pressed juices are non-processed and free of preservatives.

The juicery’s Juice ReBoot is a communal effort to restart our body’s digestive track. The one-day cleanse requires the consumption of six nutritious juices and one gallon of Alkaline water, all of which are shipped straight to your door. Participants will also gain access to the official JuiceFix Wellness ReBoot Facebook page to encourage one another on their journey to holistic healing.


Alkalicious Cold Pressed Juice Bar

Alkalicious Cold Pressed Juice Bar

733 Eden Way N., Suite 402, Chesapeake

Our Pick: Renewal Package
Cost: $60–$370
Duration: 1–7 days

This Chesapeake juicery sources organic produce for its selection of cold-pressed juices, smoothies and bowls. To ensure gut-healthy nutrients remain at the forefront, all Alkalicious juices are prepared without added sugars.

The Renewal Package is ideal for novice and seasoned juicers as it offers detox programs for as little as one day to as long as one week. Each package includes a daily dose of six Alkalicious cold-pressed juices featuring beloved concoctions such as the spice-heavy 24 Karat and creamy Vanilla Nut Milk. Consult Alkalicious’ Certified Wellness Counselor to determine which renewal package is best for you.


Town Center Cold Pressed
Simon Studios

Town Center Cold Pressed

168 Central Park Ave., Virginia Beach
1902 Colley Ave., Norfolk

Our Pick: Hard Cleanse
Cost: $59
Duration: 1 day

Beginning as a small-scale juice bar, Town Center Cold Pressed remains true to its juicing roots. As the more veggie-forward cleanse, Town Center Cold Pressed’s Hard Cleanse packs in six green juices full of antioxidant-rich spinach and kale, beets, carrots and cucumbers. Adding a touch of zest to the juices are cayenne pepper, activated charcoal and select fruits like apple and pineapple. Hard Cleanse juices are available for pick-up the day after purchase at both the Norfolk and Virginia Beach locations.


Fruitive, Virginia Beach, Norfolk


1501 Colley Ave., Norfolk
100 East Main St., Norfolk
1624 Laskin Rd., Virginia Beach

Our Pick: Balanced Pack
Cost: $48.75–$494.60
Duration: 1, 3 and 5 day

Fruitive is the preferred smoothie stop for many Coastal Virginia and D.C. residents. Its array of frozen blends, leafy eats and fresh juices are both healthy and delicious.

The most basic of Fruitve’s three juice cleanses, the Balanced Pack, is perfect for those wishing to both detox and enjoy the tasty flavors of cold-pressed juices. Packed with organic ingredients and a plethora of nutrients and powerful antioxidants, the Balanced Pack introduces an array of flavor profiles from the sweet Super Citrus and CitruCarrot to the more earthy Brazil Nut Milk and Kalevolution. The Balanced Pack is available in full day sets of 12 juices, or half day sets of six juices. Each bottle includes a $1 deposit.


Juice Bar 80/20, Virginia Beach and Norfolk

Juice Bar 80/20

3877 Holland Rd., Suite 418, Virginia Beach
4700 Powhatan Ave., Norfolk
1940 Laskin Rd., Virginia Beach
109 Gainsborough Square, Suite C, Chesapeake
3150 Allainby Way, Hampton

Our Pick: Detox Cleanse
Cost: $24.99–$74.97
Duration: 1 and 3 day

Workout shakes, wellness shots, liquid meals and more are house specialties at Juice Bar 80/20. Inspired by the 80/20 lifestyle which encourages a diet consisting of 80 percent clean foods and 20 percent indulgences, Juice Bar’s menu honors a balanced diet by offering eats loaded with natural ingredients.

Juice Bar’s custom detox is available in one- and three-day packages, with the larger package proving optimal results. Included in the one-day cleanse are six of Juice Bar’s 11 juices infused with alkaline water. Tripling that is the three-day package, which includes a selection of 18 cold pressed juices and a gallon of alkaline water.

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