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Culinary Delights, Inspired

Delicious delicacies and excellent libations abound in the crown jewel of coastal Virginia — Hampton! Whether you’re a sophisticated foodie, Southern comfort food fan, craft beer aficionado, libation lover, seafood connoisseur, or simply someone who loves enjoying a delicious meal, you (and your taste buds) will find so much to savor in Hampton! Visit the [...]

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Visionscapes Featured

Transform Your Backyard into a Staycation Retreat

Local expert, Visionscapes, shares the latest trends to turn your backyard into an at-home oasis. Images courtesy of Visionscapes Land Design Inc. It goes without saying that we’ve certainly been spending a lot of time at home, particularly in the chilly winter months. The warmer spring weather invites you to return to your beloved outdoor [...]

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Virginia Arts Festival Building in Norfolk

Arts Fest Headed Outdoors

On any given Friday or Saturday night—in normal pre-COVID times—the outdoor space between the Virginia Arts Festival building at the corner of Bank and East Charlotte Streets in Downtown Norfolk would likely be buzzing with arts patrons and event goers, fresh off a dinner date on Granby and all gussied up to see a show [...]

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Markus Spiske Gardening Featured

Gardening from Scratch

By Ashleigh Meyer The most difficult time of year for me as a gardener is the window between winter and spring, when the planting season is tantalizingly close, but the ground is still too frozen, and the last frost of the season has not yet come and gone. That’s when I’m itching to get outside [...]

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Green Juice

Adding Green into Your Nutrition Routine

We’ve been told to “eat the rainbow” to achieve well-balanced nutrition, but it turns out concentrating on one particular shade can really color your life with good health and happiness. Yes, we mean greens. Kale, spinach and chard. Wheat grass, matcha, spirulina and more. Experts tell us to eat them, drink them, plant them and [...]

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Green Juice Featured

Free to Be Green Juice Recipe from Free Range Juice

This recipe is a veggie-forward juice from Free Range Juice loaded with fruits and veggies like Vitamin K-packed cucumbers, green apple (Vitamin C and potassium) and super-packed kale with Vitamins K, A, C, Manganese and copper. The health benefits associated with these ingredients may improve digestion, detoxify, promote healthy skin, reduce inflammation and lower blood [...]

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Busch Gardens St Patricks Day

2021 St. Patrick’s Day Events in Coastal Virginia

While the local favorite Ocean View St. Patrick’s Day Parade is canceled again, many area businesses are still able to host a variety of events this year. From live-streamed performances to events for the whole family, here are some ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Coastal Virginia this year. Current Events March 19–20: Search [...]

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Spring Arts Featured

Coastal Virginia Spring Arts Preview

By Hannah Serrano To say it’s been a tough year for the arts is, of course, a vast understatement. Arts organizations and venues are fighting hard to survive. Some remain shuttered through the fall; some are streaming digital performances in lieu of live, full-scale productions; while others are offering socially distanced in-person experiences. Certainly we, [...]

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Clayton Singleton Featured

Hunger for Change

By Clayton Singleton Too often, I scroll food delivery apps on my phone, begrudge which grocery to visit or stare into my fridge indecisively like the cereal aisle scene in the film The Hurt Locker. I commonly refer to these as first-world problems. However, just 4.3 miles from my first-world oasis in the Norview area [...]

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Farmers Market Feature

Coastal Virginia Farm Market Guide

April showers not only bring May flowers, but handpicked fruits, locally grown lettuce and Chesapeake Bay bites to farmers markets throughout Coastal Virginia. From the first sign of spring to the Hunter’s Moon in October, our region is flush with outdoor markets showcasing the best local growers, makers and purveyors have to offer. Experience a [...]

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Norfolk Botanical Garden Spring

Spring Fever at the Norfolk Botanical Garden

While the Norfolk Botanical Garden is a year-round attraction, spring is when the wildflowers start to bloom, painting the landscape with an array of vibrant colors. Throughout March, the Botanical Garden celebrates the blooming daffodils with Daffodil Daze, while April is peak blooming month for azaleas. During both months, the Botanical Garden will offer themed [...]

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Betsy Mushroom Recipe Featured

Mushrooms in Tarragon Cream Recipe

As a teen and young adult, I enjoyed mushrooms as a tasty, low-calorie topping on salads and baked potatoes. But I was unaware of their nutritional value. In fact, the physician father of one of my grad school roommates was concerned about my nutritional intake and expressly mentioned my mainstay mushrooms as nutritionally vacuous. But [...]

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Lori Golding Farm Markets Featured

Farm Market Fresh

If you’re a young man in spring, your fancy’s lightly turning to thoughts of love (per Tennyson) or baseball (per sports pundits). But if you’re a foodie (young, old, any gender), your fancy’s veering towards farmers markets. Or so says the USDA. During the first two decades of this millennium, these officially defined “collections of [...]

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Virginia Historic Garden Week

Virginia Historic Garden Week is Still Growing Strong

For only the second time in its history, Virginia’s Historic Garden Week was cancelled last year when COVID-19 came calling. This year, however, the show will go on after months of careful planning. “We knew doing Historic Garden Week in the way we’ve done in the last 87 years was not going to work in [...]

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