3 Questions To Ask When Planning A Military Wedding

by | Sep 22, 2017

Coastal Virginia is home to a plethora of service men and women from every branch of the military. Many of these service members decide to get married in this beautiful region, making Coastal Virginia a popular place for military weddings. If you are engaged and in the military, here are three questions to consider.

Will you need to plan the wedding long distance?

The reality of the military is there is almost always the prospect of having to move. Oftentimes, military brides and grooms are serving at stations away from home when planning a wedding. Planning from a distance can be challenging. If possible, brides should designate a trusted friend or family member local to Coastal Virginia to help by meeting with vendors, checking out venues and coordinating details. Websites like TheKnot.com and the Better Business Bureau Wedding Resource Center can also help brides find trusted vendors from a distance.

Will you be getting married around a popular holiday?

Military couples tend to set the date around a holiday when they have scheduled leave time. This makes the days around Christmas, Memorial

Day, Independence Day and Labor Day very popular military wedding dates. If you will be planning your wedding around a popular holiday, make sure you book your vendors as soon as possible. Photographers, caterers, DJs and other vendors are often booked very far in advance during these peak times. Also understand the cost to book venues will likely be higher during these popular times. Discuss with your partner whether a weekday wedding might be an option for you if the weekend prices are very high around your wedding date.


Will you include military traditions in your wedding?

Being in the military does not dictate that you must incorporate military formalities into your wedding, but many military couples choose to commemorate their service on their special day. One of the most obvious decisions is whether to dress in uniform. If the groom chooses to dress in uniform, the members of his wedding party who belong to a military branch will generally also wear uniforms. You might ask friends and family who are in the military and attending your wedding to dress in uniform as well. Brides who are service members can of course also choose to dress in uniform, though most forego this option in favor of a traditional wedding gown. If you have other military members in attendance, it is also traditional to seat them by rank during the reception. The saber arch is another military tradition you might consider including. Typically you would need 6–8 service members to create the arch, which creates a walkway for the bride and groom, usually immediately following the ceremony.

Service members face some unique challenges when planning a wedding. Fortunately, many vendors in Coastal Virginia have experience working with military brides and grooms and are happy to help accommodate them on their special day.

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